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cone tree spiritual fruit spirit the majestys men-min
Riley Adam Voth

How To Detect A Spiritual Poser (Or, You Can Only Grow One Kind Of Fruit)

Are you maturing in the Holy Spirit? You may think you’ve heard “fruit of the spirit” talk before, but I’ve found not many have heard it this way. Take it from a recovering conman: I was once a poser and I still know how to fake it; so here’s how to sniff it out.

Super Sermons #SuperSermons Series Graphic
The Majesty's Men Admin

The Sanctity Of Human Life by Matt Chandler – #SuperSermons

Some messages are #SuperSermons because of their timeless value, then some because of their absolutely “dialed-in” timely message. This is one of the latter. If you’ve seen clips of this message recently, watch the whole message for both an education on preaching, and a challenge on convictions.

keep heart mind pure clean glass cleaning men image
Anthony Fox

A Godly Man Keeps His Heart and Mind Pure (Not Just Sexually Speaking)

One of the greatest needs, and struggles, for men is purity, and not just sexually, but more so our ability to keep our heart and mind pure. This affects how we act, what we say, and everything else about us. So let’s talk about how we keep pure, together…

fruit of spirit kindness
Nolan Trapp

Kindness: Real Power In A Mean World

Let’s look at the fruit of kindness and it’s importance in our daily lives. Why do we need it and what might it look like? This one “fruit of the spirit” can do a lot to set us apart as men of God in a rough world.

photoshopping real women photoshopped false beauty ideals
Riley Adam Voth

Are You Photoshopping Your Ideal Conception Of A Woman?

This short video stirs both sobering questions and a bit of sorrow. We must ask ourselves some important questions about whether we’re photoshopping a false ideal in our hearts and minds that will feed a hurtful cycle, rather than guarding ourselves, our brothers, and our sisters.

christianity true religion
Evan Davies

What Makes Christianity The Only True Religion?

Christianity can undoubtedly be called the only “one true religion.” So what makes it different from every other religion on the planet? Here are just a few simple ways to know and communicate to others.

onion sinners gospel
Austin Blanchard

What If I Told You, “We Are Not Sinners”?

You are “dirty”, “unclean”, “guilty” and “wretched” – or so you think. But why do you think this? Is this right? Is this helpful? Should we really spend so much of our time and emotions thinking of ourselves as these “wretched sinners”?

man and cow manly heart hard work
Margo Voth

A Woman’s Perspective On What A Manly Heart Really Is

Men are taught and modeled many wrong things about being manly. From a woman’s perspective, here’s what having a manly heart should be all about – complete with an epic story of a truly manly man.

Super Sermons #SuperSermons Series Graphic
The Majesty's Men Admin

The Glory of God In Moral Purity by Paul Washer – #SuperSermons

An amazing and super challenging message from a tell-it-like-it-is man of God, Paul Washer. This is emotional and convicting, and will leave you saying, “Why do I not think and live in such a way!?” just like a #SuperSermon should!

patience godly man fruit of spirit
Nolan Trapp

Patience: Benefits We Have To Wait For…

We all hear, “Patience is a virtue!” but what is patience? It’s easy to say we have it, but do we? Is it actually Godly? How does patience look? Does it help anything?

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