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Good Leaders Are Good Readers

As a man, you are a leader by design, but are you going to be a good leader? Your wife; your kids; your church; your community—they all need you to be a good, Godly, wise and loving leader. One sure help: good leaders are good readers—no doubt. 

Yet, along with the blessing of abundant, easily attainable information comes the necessity of sorting through what’s worthwhile and what’s just well-marketed money-grabbing or even plain rubbish.

To this end, we are continually adding books that are recommended by men in our community as excellent reads for other men for a variety of reasons. From modern works to timeless classics, explore the library and find your next good read!

Note: Many book contain affiliate links which will put a few cents in the TMM piggy bank to support this site and our mission without adding to the price! Thanks, pal!

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