On Cooperating with The Holy Spirit To Spread The Gospel

Payte Johnson
Payte Johnson

During my studies, through my enrollment at Liberty University, I stumbled upon this realization: I cannot advance the gospel on my own.

There is a chapter in a book I am currently reading, titled Evangelism Is…, that explains the Helpers job. The Holy Spirit is who does the whispering in the unbeliever’s ear. He alone grows the seed that has been planted.

Up front, Jesus is God. Holy Spirit is God. The Father is God. They are all one in the same, in three persons.

Just as a husband and wife are one, so is our God one. (John chapter one can explain.)

The Holy Spirit is the most important person in your spiritual life.

Yes, salvation is made possible through Jesus Christ, but the Holy Spirit is the One who personally came, and revealed Jesus to you! Without the work of the Spirit, in your heart, Jesus would not be known to you. The Holy Spirit is the most important, I believe, because he is in us.

Holy Spirit is a person. The work of Jesus has been finished, and now the Holy Spirit is working to save unbelievers. Again, Holy Spirit and Jesus are One, but yet in different persons! Crazy…

The Holy Spirit wants people saved more than we do. He creates the urge in the legit believer to desire that all men know and believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospel message. He gives us the words to say and how to rest in Him doing all the work (Matt. 10).

We must be of one accord with Holy Spirit in order to see eternal results. We are insufficient to bring people to repentance, but Holy Spirit will reveal truth and conviction from the Word. (John 16:8) Speaking the Word of God to the people we’re ministering to gives them the opportunity to have the Spirit work in their hearts to minister.

Remember to always be lead and guided by the Holy Spirit when sharing Jesus.

In Dave Earley and David Wheeler’s book, Evangelism Is, Dave Earley writes,

“Effective evangelism is actively cooperating with the Holy Spirit as He works to open the eyes of lost people and bring them to God. When you share the Gospel, the Holy Spirit gives you wisdom you did not know you had. He also gives you sensitivity you could not possibly have on your own” (Pg. 143).

We completely need the Holy Spirit, if we want to truly impact the Kingdom of God and advance the fame of Jesus.


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