Shows, From Your Bros

We have built out a structure for hosting podcast shows, audio or video, and will begin rolling out new shows, migrating some into the network, and revamping old shows in the coming months.

Below you will find new podcasts as we begin adding them as well as archived shows which are no longer running. Click on any image to view the full list of posts whether hosted here on TMM or a site on the HNR.GD Network.

Have a show you’re already running or an idea for a podcast? We’d be happy to talk with you and see if we can help. Just hit the button below to send us a message:

Active Shows

VIRTUS podcast artwork of Roman forum columns


With Bo Hutches
A show dedicated to inspiring and cultivating virtue, courage, excellence, manliness, and honor. Virtus discusses a wide array of topics through a lens of biblical masculinity, including personal development, theology, philosophy, work, labor, personal interests, and cultural commentary.

The Firmly Planted Tree

With Joey Hawkins
A walk through the Psalms with a masculine perspective. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.
—Psalm 1:3

Reformed Informants Logo

Reformed Informants

With Lance Burroughs
and TJ Daugherty

Reformed Informants is a podcast devoted to biblical exposition, systematic theology, and practical application for the good of the church.

Hold Fast Chats Podcast Cover image

Hold Fast Chats

We will be relaunching HFC with a completely new format soon. Stay tuned for details.

The Shepherd's Crook Podcast Cover image

The Shepherd's Crook

With Jared Sparks
A pastor coming alongside pastors reminding them of the Chief Pastor with care, counsel, and resources.

Roundtable Talks

Virtual roundtable discussions with multiple members throughout the HNR.GD Network on varying topics concerning the development and life of Christian men.

Ordinary Radicals Logo

Ordinary Radicals

Hosted by Jonathan Hayashi and Brandon Boatner
Ordinary Radicals is a podcast on discipleship and biblical living featuring conversations and Q&As concerning a wide variety of topics to help you grow disciples and the local church through leadership, discipleship and mission.

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Archived Shows

These shows are completed, but are still accessible for listening. Click on any show for the full archive.

Discern Daily

With Payte Johnson
Abide. Bless. Contend. A segment of The Majesty's Men for seeking truth and developing discernment through conversing around popular content, topics, and current events.

Ministry Minded

With Brad Gray
A show that seeks to marvel at the mercy of God that meets us in our messy ministries.