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As men of God, a biblical, God honoring, Christ exalting theology and understanding of “work” is essential to our life. We often think of work as a burden, but it shouldn’t be this way. Our fallen nature and sin do make it tougher on us all, but we were always meant to work and enjoy laboring and discovering as well as making and providing just as our God and creator does. So with this category we discuss earning a living, providing for family, character and competencies in the marketplace, how we honor and represent God in our jobs, and more! For a complete description of our categories check out the Categories page.

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James Gasaway

Reject Babylon, Invest Early in Zerubbabel Inc.

A growing movement of Christians are proclaiming the virtues of once again embracing entrepreneurial work and taking it upon ourselves to build society and remove our people from pagan rule. Yet even as we extol this, it’s tempting to despise the small beginnings when comparing to the luxuries we’re accustomed to.

Derek Ball

A Gang And A Game Plan

If there was ever a time in recent history for men to start forming or joining packs (or militias for that matter), 2021 is that time. Our culture, and much of professed evangelicalism, is attempting to fell you — to overpower you, and to break you.

execute plans
Meiko Seymour

How You Can Make This Next Year Great

I believe one of the most important tenants of being a Godly man is a man who plans and executes. I love what Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” God wants us to have plans and He wants to be a part of them.

Working Our Jobs For The Glory Of God Hold Fast Chats roundtable discussion image
The Majesty's Men Admin

Working Our Jobs For The Glory Of God – #HoldFastChats

It’s been a bit since the last #HoldFastChats roundtable discussion, but we’re diving back in this month with a big topic to go along with our new Workers category. We’re discussing and exploring what it means to work our jobs for the glory of God! Join us!

The Majesty's Men Admin

Announcing A New “Workers” Category Of Content, Because, Reality

We’ve known we needed something more for quite a while. So after months and months of work on this, we are excited to roll out a new category of content on The Majesty’s Men. Here’s what it’s all about and how you can contribute to it!

Jose Alvarez

The Trap Of Doing “Big Things” And The True Key To Success

Doing “big things” has become a distraction at best and trap at worst for men in our culture. It’s glorified everywhere we look. Jose tells of his personal discovery in college as to what the true key to success is and what we can each do to truly achieve it.

reasons leadership bad character leader follow shoes tracks image
Riley Adam Voth

Two Huge Reasons You Aren’t Being Given The Leadership You Want

Young men have many reasons we may not receive the trust and leadership we think we should have, but I’ve recognized from failures both in myself and others I’ve lead, two extremely common and vital traits we must demonstrate rightly to be the leader we think we can be.

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