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An antidote to the societal norm of the lone man striving to make a name for himself (or the man who already has). Together, we pair the best resources with some of the best men to do the best work—exalting the name above all names,
our king, Jesus Christ.

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The HNR.GD Network is a globally shared webwork of  resources, abilities, and influence for maximizing the impact of faithful, commendable, evangelical, reformed Christian men of conviction, character and competency—a true network of blogs and ministry websites by men who are living lives for the glory of God and the good of their neighbor.

Think of what Acts 29 is for churches, and that’s much like what we are for blogs and ministry websites of biblically-elder-qualified men of God. We are a network in the truest sense, sharing every bit of our resources, abilities, and influence (yes, really) with one another. Rather than pouring tons of time, money, and energy into making a great name for ourselves, we, together, serve the chief mission of advancing the gospel and glory of the great name of Jesus Christ, our king.

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

You have a Great Thing Going, But You'd Rather Create Content Than Mess With Your site Constantly...

You speak, write, preach, record, design, or create in some way. But you didn’t get into creating content to be a web-developer or designer, or to spend all your time researching the best tools and then trying to learn to use them. You don’t like spending a fortune every time you wish to just make a change or keep up with trends and new features. You wish you had a team of like-minded brothers who want you to succeed and could do the heavy lifting with your site and always keep things top-notch.

Your blog or podcast site is pretty "ho-hum" even though your message is definitely not...

You are an ambassador of the greatest message on earth, and God has called you and gifted you to share it with your unique voice. However, your blog or podcast site doesn’t help people pay attention. You want better design, better features, smart stats, and even  on-call like-minded help so that you can feel confident about your presentation and spend more time on your production.

You want to launch or grow a project, but don't know how to make the site Function and look as high-quality as your idea Is...

You have a great idea you want to launch or a ministry that needs to continue to grow, but you need a web presence that reflects the quality of your endeavor and gets people interested and involved—much more, keep them that way! You want a high-end look without the high-end price, and you want it quickly so you can get to work!

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Brother, You're Going To like This Network...

Jared Sparks
Jared Sparks@jaredsparks
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Working with the HNR.GD Network has been really great for me and my website (both personal and ministry). They've been so helpful and have worked with me to make a user-friendly site that looks awesome and is made in such a way that I can do everything I need to do and more. The guys understand what I'm trying to do with the ministry of The Shepherd's Crook and help me get that across visually. I can wholeheartedly recommend the HNR.GD Network!
Jonathan Hayashi
Jonathan Hayashi@jonathanhayash
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When HNR.GD Network help me launch my site, Evangelica Sola, I gained more than a web host; I received partners in ministry as they continue to walk alongside me, working diligently on my site and helping me find new ways to share the message of the gospel with thousands of readers, pastors, and churches. I’m grateful for friends who provide helpful resources for my site specifically in ministry. The longer I am in ministry, the more I recognize I need a team of committed people and the HNR.GD Network have been wonderful to work together with and receive their support and counsel.
Riley Adam Voth
Riley Adam Voth@rileyadamvoth
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Creating content online is an extension of personal ministry, and working on something with like-minded friends, is by far the best way to do any "personal ministry". I love writing and creating content and have blogged for years. I had a decent following, making some grocery money, and was doing it on my own. Working with other men in something bigger than all of us is loads better. Even if I ever go back to my own domain, and I don't know why I would, I'd still host it on the HNR.GD Network. It just makes sense to keep those funds doing Kingdom work.
Next began in 2013 as a simple community blog and resource for young reformed Christian men, by those same men.

As we developed in the first few years, we realized a vast number of gifted bloggers, podcasters, authors, scholars, ministers, and pastors could benefit from knowledge and tools we were utilizing and custom building for our site, and that by sharing everything, we could advance the gospel and maximize the impact of these men for God’s Kingdom.

Even further, we realized there was a growing global need to not only produce and present better content, in better ways, from better men of God, but to do so in a way that was less about becoming individual celebrities and more about belonging to a communal brotherhood that advances the cause of Christ and his name above all.

Thus, we began to share everything we had (the very best tech, tools, and knowledge, as well as custom ministry-specific tools) with biblically-elder-qualified men, and soon realized we had unknowingly, sovereignly, stumbled onto a path we had never set out to be on. The network had begun. It now both sustains TMM, and many other ministries, and serves our mission of encouraging and empowering men of God by simultaneously promoting and benefiting men of God we would be glad to have others emulate as we all strive to emulate Christ.

Clean, Modern, Custom Design

A variety of proven, modern, clean looking site designs, easy to install, with popular and cutting-edge features. Plus, custom design abilities for the real serious folks!

Fully Mobile And Social

The world is mobile. Your site always looks, reads, and shares excellent on mobile devices and social media sites, with built in features to maximize all of it!

Like-minded Community

Encourage and be encouraged by men you can be confident and proud to associate with. Your content stands with, benefits, and is benefitted by other men like yourself.

Specific Ministry Features

Preach sermons? Guest-post articles? Write books? Podcast? You name it, we're building tools for you (or already have)! We make publication and presentation easier and better every week by utilizing the very best tools or making them ourselves.

Collaboration On Ideas

Use our online community to meet and talk to one other. Take on projects, ministries, or topics together. All sites can share users and link to one another. Dream up ideas. Work together. Feel confident and be effective with your work.

Partnership In Mission

By working together on the same platform our work truly reaches and rises together (more on this below)—advancing like-minded brothers. Plus, all our funds support one another instead of a 3rd party corporation.

The [Technically Explained] Benefits Of Joining The Network

There are numerous benefits to joining in with us both for you and for many others!
This is the most detailed and “technical” part of everything, but it’s also the most awesome.
So check it out, and if you want more clarity, just shoot us a message (or tweet).

All these other benefits flow from this one big one. We’re pairing up and working together, just as the Church should. Further, we provide ways that we can all communicate, collaborate, and work together via online groups, mentoring cohorts (coming soon), and other tools. Many men meet through our community and end up with great friendships, working together in their churches, ministries, and other things completely unrelated to the network.

We know the needs of the Christian man producing and publishing online content or building a service, ministry, or community. We provide every ministry-minded specific tool you could need, and ones you didn’t even know you’d want but are totally amazing to have! If you want something more, ask for it! We get the very best, because we’re minimizing the costs of usage by (legally) sharing the tools across all of us.

This is related to the shared tools benefit, but our shared technical abilities go far beyond just sharing the top-notch tools we use. The sites we host are technically linked together on a shared platform, created specifically with the intent of this multi-site network. This gives us each a tremendous advantage in shared discoverability (be sure to read that benefit), but besides search engine boosting, we are also able to reduce the technical overhead and upkeep of each singular site because of the ability to share theme designs, features, server hosting and so on. This allows us to develop one capability or optimization for the entire network and easily share that to all on the network, and keep each person’s site and tools updated, secure, backed-up, fast, and adaptable for whatever comes on the internet tomorrow.

The “HNR.GD Network” is a network in the truest sense (we’ll explain this next). But, it’s also a network in a social sense. We are looking for men of conviction, character, and competency who live personal lives we would gladly have others learn from. We are then asking these carefully selected men to willingly combine forces as an example for others.

We are then maximizing the influence of these strong thinkers, writers, speakers, and doers—taking their content and amplifying it socially. Together we give each other credibility and reach in the ever-more-cluttered and over-saturated world of online noise and nonsense.

Much of this “Social Strength” happens via a real and obvious friendship and a shared purpose to our content production. This commonality stands out online. Less “admire me and help me build my kingdom” and more “let’s build God’s kingdom, together”—a rare and extremely noticeable mentality online these days. It creates a vital new paradigm for many, and also just makes sense practically! It’s how the Church should work, and stand out, in this world, online and offline!

As mentioned previously, the structure of the HNR.GD Network creates an actual, technical network. This type of network actually rises together in search engine rankings as the sites become indexed and ranked as one site. We know that’s probably confusing, but take our word for it, that’s how it actually works (within limits) and it’s a tremendous advantage for being noticed online that the vast majority of other sites do not have.

The 2018 redesign of The Gospel Coalition is the best known example of this. Until 2018, they hadn’t wisely structured their network of sites in this way, even though they were hosting a “blog network” of sorts. But, apparently, someone finally told them it could be done the way we do it, a much better way, and now they have restructured to match the way the HNR.GD Network is built.

Though each site can have it’s own stats, we can also share stats as a network, and this makes us much more discoverable and desirable for advertisers as well. More on this next. 

Besides lending each other very real strength in search engine credibility and ranking, we can track and report stats as a network. With stronger traffic stats comes discoverability and desirability from advertisers. We can easily introduce an ad across the entire network that no one blog would never qualify for on its own. This helps reduce financial strain and allow us to develop better site features and focus on producing excellent content and sites rather than any one of us messing with ad stuff only to receive a dollar or two on our most booming months—and to be clear, that’s all any average guy receives from his pay-per-click ads that litter his blog with ugliness no matter how much he might lead you to believe otherwise. 

Further, rather than each individually paying for hosting to some large corporation, we pool that money together into the network. These combined sources of revenue combine with our significantly reduced expenses due to sharing our resources, create an otherwise non-existent pool of financial resources that can be used for development and growth of all our sites. This translates to advancement of the gospel, denouncements of false gospels, and better promotion of Christ-like men, all to serve the purpose of bring more glory to God.

Still Have Questions? Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re constantly making the sites a better user experiences for you. We run a customized version of WordPress, the best and most widely used blogging software in the world by an enormous margin! We keep this continually updated and improving. You’ll always be cutting-edge in abilities, along with added bells and whistles you won’t have with a simple site (or any other blogging platform). That said, some extra features have a learning curve, for sure, but we offer plenty of documentation and you can always just ask for help. Also, you don’t have to turn any of them on and use them if you don’t want to—the basic setup is already thorough and amazing! It’s all completely up to you!

You will always hold all rights to the content published on your site. Your words and media will be your words and media. We’re not looking to sneakily take your content. On the TMM central site, the terms are that we receive all copyrights to content published there (though we co-grant you the use of it as well if you contributed it), but on your hosted network site, it’s all yours, all the time. This means, even if you leave, you can take it with you! We might cry a little, but we won’t fight you for it. We’re only here to help you.

Yes! We’re constantly making the sites a better user experiences for you. We run a customized version of WordPress, the best and most widely used blogging software in the world by an enormous margin! We keep this continually updated and improving. You’ll always be cutting-edge in abilities, along with added bells and whistles you won’t have with a simple site (or any other blogging platform). That said, some extra features have a learning curve, for sure, but we offer plenty of documentation and you can always just ask for help. Also, you don’t have to turn any of them on and use them if you don’t want to—the basic setup is already thorough and amazing! It’s all completely up to you!

That’s a great question! There’s many ways to answer it as well. Technically speaking, we have redundancies, backups of the sites, backups of the guys who know how to handle everything, long term contracts on our servers, and so on. We can explain more if you want, but that’s probably not what you mean. You probably want to know if we’re going to just get excited by something new and walk away, or run out of money and quit. The best answer is that we’ve built the network slowly and wisely over 5+ years, with nobody paying money or attention, and that’s only the beginning of all our  desires and plans for what we want to do in the days ahead. We’re committed and have a ton of vision for this! We see this work as a blessing and a ministry and want to enable these men to do their content production for the glory of God and advancement of the gospel. Financially, the cost of development is significant, but the cost of management is almost nil. The worst case scenario is that we’d simply stop developing and it would sit in the level of awesomeness it currently is (which is great), the server would remain active and sites accessible, and you could easily move out if ever you felt that was best. Consider this though, God raises up more young men like us every year, and, if the Lord tarries, we plan to one day be an amazing archive of multiple generations of men’s thoughts, teachings, and stories that span decades upon decades of time.

We pick our men carefully, as you can tell from reading the “Expectations” section above (read it if you haven’t). Biblically elder-qualified, reformed, confessional, orthodox Christian men. Right now, the best way to see the quality is to look at those we have, and know that the network is invite only (as invited by those men). Eventually we plan to put an official review board in place and possibly require pastoral affirmation of these men, but right now, this is how it works. Rest assured though, we don’t mess around with theological silliness and unholy living. We’ve sadly cracked down on it already and will again (on contributors to the main site, not the network, cause, again, we’re extra cautious there from the start).

Our goal is to keep ya happily feeling at home here. If you’re not happy, then we won’t be happy either. So it’s sure appreciated if you first let us try to meet or resolve any desires or complaints you have. If, for whatever reason, you think you want to move your blog home somewhere else, we’ll let you go. Again, you have all ownership rights. We can’t stop you. There is an easy way to export all your content and take it all with you when you leave. Getting tucked into your new place will be up to you, but getting your content from your site on the network is quick and painless. This is important to note though: because of search engines and all that technical stuff, we will not keep a former blog/site active and live if you move your content somewhere else. It’s a major “no-no” to have lots of duplicate content on the net. Others may ignorantly do this, but we will not. So, if you relocate all your content, we can allow you to post a notice of your move for a short time, but we will rather quickly deactivate and archive your site from the network and redirect your old address so visitors aren’t landing on broken pages. This is standard practice for all smart blogs. If, however, you simply relocate your blogging efforts or must quit producing content for some reason, and you don’t relocate the content, we will be happy to let your content stay put as it is.

How You Join This Awesomeness

So you’re thinking this sounds great, right? Well, we take this seriously (just like you’d want us to) and so serious folks have to do some serious reading/understanding here. What follows is the Process, Finances, and Expectations involved in joining up with all this goodness. We don’t want there to be any surprises for you or for us if you apply and we get to work with you on your site.

The Process Of Joining The Network

This part is easy! Once you’re accepted, we take care of migrating your site and all your content—yep, everything—for you! And, we do it correctly!

As in, we’ll make sure you get everything redirected properly so that you don’t lose any page rank you have in search engines and all those links you’ve shared out on the internet keep pointing to you. You want to keep all your subscribers too? Well of course you do! We’ve got you, brother!

Additionally, we have an entire Info & Helps documentation site and a Support portal built right into the admin of your site. So you’ll always feel empowered. Plus, we have some member-exclusive courses coming soon just for teaching you tips and best-practices for maximizing your efforts online.


After you’ve asked all your questions and explored all this goodness, you’ll fill out a form letting us know you want to partake of this goodness. Some respectable men will review it and stalk you online, maybe even have a call with you, and make sure you’re not a heathen. 

Once we see you’ve got the Spirit and the skills, we’ll let you know you’re good to go! Did you choose us or did we choose you!? We’ll debate about it for the next 500 years, but in the end, we’ll definitely know it was all for God’s glory. 

You’ll create an account on TMM (if you don’t have one already). You’ll choose a domain and name for your site (we can help you with that to make sure it’s real dandy). Then we’ll spin up your entire site, with all your content moved in, within about two days.

You’ll no doubt want to explore all your new abilities and get settled into your new online home. Hang some art on the walls and such. We’ll help as much or as little as you want as you choose your design, turn on your features, and get familiar with everything.

We have an entire Info & Helps documentation site and a Support portal built right into the admin side of your site, and we have some member exclusive courses just for teaching you tips and best-practices for maximizing your efforts online.

Whenever you feel great about it, we’ll unveil your new digs to the world and… Celebration! You’re good to get to work!

Everything will be seamless to your subscribers, and you’ll be back to focusing on what you like best instead of messing with your site (unless you just like that too, cause you can still mess with it if you really wanna). We’ll be right there with you if you ever want input or assistance! 

The Financial Bits Of Joining The Network

So you think this is a sales page, huh? Well, it is! We’re trying to sell you on an idea. A concept of working together online instead of in separate silos of isolation. To prove to you how serious this is—how effective this can be—we’re not asking a penny from you. We’re simply asking for your partnership in making it happen by contributing your voice and your work. To be sure, this endeavor has a cost, and thus there are definite possibilities for  pricing plans with features or things you want to do with your site that just plain take money from someone, but even those you’ll be able to get at cost from us instead of hiring a full-fledged, expensive and independent web developer.

3 Tiers

Please Note:
Every site is mobile responsive, has top-of-the-line security, and incremental daily backups, automatic updates you never think about.
Additionally, each site uses our user-friendly custom admin interface built on top of the world-class WordPress platform.

Tent Level

Basic and still better than you can get anywhere else—packed with all you need!
  • Your own modern blog built on a beautiful, robust, customizable theme we call Eden (with barely any limits).
  • Ability to podcast
  • Built-in subscription and email marketing features
  • Specialized social sharing tools to make sure you look great everywhere
  • Advanced SEO tools so you're indexed and ranked as high as possible in search engines
  • Thousands of high quality images automatically pulled into your site free for you to use however you like
  • Access to documentation, tips, courses for best-practices, and more

Tabernacle Level

Stepping it up and adding some pretty grand and ministry-specific features to the mix.
  • Everything from Tent level
  • External articles archive for tracking and featuring guest content you contribute to other publications
  • Feature sermons or talks you've given in a dedicated and categorized archive
  • Build a beautiful Speaking page with examples and booking form
  • Feature books you've written with special landing pages, buy buttons, and more
  • Turn on numerous other premium plugins to give you special features from offering downloads to automating marketing, plus all future plugins we add
  • Choose from premium modern, clean site designs to customize the look of your site with a click, anytime
  • Advanced Google analytics viewable from within the admin of your site
  • VIP Support, with a portal built in to the admin console of your site

Temple Level

As grandiose, custom, beautiful and feature-packed as you can imagine it, with constant assistance.
  • Everything from Tent and Tabernacle levels
  • Ability to purchase and use your own custom domain address while still on the HNRGD platform
  • Access to an amazing, highly customizable theme we call Zion
  • Access to the Zion site builder which, when paired with the Zion theme, means the only limit to your site is ugliness (we'll make sure that doesn't happen)
  • Ability to host and manage every bit of your podcast on your own site
  • Ability to sell physical or digital goods and accept payments on your site
  • Ability to accept donations
  • Include multiple managers, authors, or members on your site
  • Ability to have designated membership areas or content on your site
  • Access to even more functionality such as booking, calendars, and more, as requested
  • Access to deeply discounted professional design and development services to give your site a premium, professional, custom look

Sound too good to be true? Well, we spent 5+ years making sure it’s not. 

The Expectations For Those Joining The Network

Given all this shared awesomeness, you would be correct to think there must be some expectations for those who will host a site on the network. So let’s get as clear on those as possible, cause ain’t nobody got time for dealing with trickery and treachery.

Just like the contributors to TMM, you will need to remain in doctrinal agreement with one of the following reformed Christian statements of faith along with being able to wholeheartedly affirm the Danvers and Nashville statements.

Additionally, we ask a higher standard of the men on the network than we do the occasional contributors on the central site. You need to live an exemplary, Godly life—one which would qualify you to be a biblical elder in your local church. (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7). Surely this is self explanatory and such, right?

Consistent with this expectation, we look for men who are continually bearing some weight of responsibility. Meaning, for example, you’re married and caring for both your immediate family and your local church family well, you’re working in or for your local church, pastoring, working in ministry, working in the marketplace, etc., and doing so in a meaningful and obvious way that sets of an example for other men to emulate with their work, service, care, provision, leadership, etc.

This would be opposed to, say, being a single guy who is currently in school and “attending” a church, and critiquing everyone online from afar. We may publish occasional articles from that guy on the central TMM site, but we won’t be offering the hosting of a dedicated site.

You need to continue to create content and utilize social media. Not saying you need to “go pro” here or anything—just keep putting forth the effort for quality content that engages people. Also, taking a break is perfectly fine from time to time.

Lastly, you’ll need to be okay with us injecting a safe, non-embarassing, Christian-themed ad on your site and perhaps even in the text of your blog posts. There will never be unpredictable or worldy junk like random Google Ads littering your site—never! Yet, there may be occasional ads for things your audience of Christians would be interested in or benefit from. Examples might be a great Seminary school, some porn-blocking software, preaching training, or an event.

Common Confessions Or Statements Of Faith

We love the bible and esteem it as the inerrant and infallible word of God. Scripture alone holds supreme authority over our beliefs and actions. However, for the sake of knowing who each other are and how we interpret scripture, creeds and confessions have been a useful, if not necessary, aid for many centuries. Likewise, we use them to provide an objective standard to which we can all agree and a way to assure quality and general unity in our content produced on this site.

Therefore, you will be asked to state your agreement to one of these when submitting the following form to contribute. This is not an exhaustive list, and thus if you have a suggestion you will be able to submit it in the form for review as well.

Note: each of these links opens a new tab since you may be filling out a form and we don’t want you to lose your place. Yep, we’re considerate like that. 

The 1689 Baptist Confession Of Faith

The 1646 Westminster Confession Of Faith

 The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message

More coming… (suggestions?)


Not complete doctrinal confessions, but important statements of faith for us on gender and sexuality which you’ll need to know and affirm (both are quite short and easily read in one sitting): 

The Danvers Statement and The Nashville Statement

Submit Your Info For Consideration

Currently, the HNR.GD Network is invite only, as we are in the very early stages of opening it up. However, if you have discovered this page and made it this far, we welcome you submitting your info for consideration. We will put it on a list and consider your interest as soon as we feel we can comfortably take on more members.