Aaand We’re Back! Future Developments…

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

keep-calm-we-are-backIt’s a bit of a long story, but after just about a year of this blog being covered up, we’re taking it live again! We’re pretty excited about it!

Some of the most exciting developments over the last year are that we actively hit it hard on Twitter (@TheMajestysMen) and have grown a fun outpost of our community there, we signed up many more contributors on the blog here, and we spent some time developing our plans for the future of our community.

Future Developments

We’ll be rolling out some fun things in the coming months, and we’re not going to give them all away here, but here’s a little taste of the soonest-to-come:

  • We’ll be launching an online video chat series (a vlog channel / video podcast) in which the contributors of this blog can and will discuss a variety of topics about being young men of God and even be able to take live questions! Wanna join us?
  • We’ll be launching a store on the blog!
  • We’ll be rolling out some “incentives” for contributors who post more on the blog!
  • We even have a few female voices signed up that we’ll be hearing from!
  • We’ll continue to tweak the site to make it better!

Also, we’ve realized we need another category! Will you help us come up with the name?

We Need Another Category, And Your Help Naming It!

We need a category relating to business, the marketplace, and earning a living in the working world. Yes, of course, all of our categories have a good deal of overlap, but say you’re a guy who’s starting a business and wants to talk about all God is teaching you about work ethic, leadership, and sharing your faith through your work – what would this category be called?

Join Us!

It’s going to be a lot of fun getting to hear from, and get to know, the new contributors, and we hope there will be even more join us in the days ahead.

You don’t have to be a “skilled writer” or have ever even blogged before. Part of the mission of this blog is to help train you in your ability to think, process information, and convey it to others, and we have a backend all set up to help you develop your post. So don’t be worried, just jump in and get going! You’ll see how easy it is.

Be sure to leave some love in the comments and social media! Let’s have some fun!


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