About Our Purpose

Like all of creation, from rocks to organizations of people,
our purpose is to glorify God through joyfully magnifying his son, our king, Jesus Christ.
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About Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and equip Christian men, as adopted sons and heirs of God’s kingdom with Christ Jesus, to be faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus, continually transforming into his likeness, and to be the caregivers and leaders for our families, churches, and communities that God has charged us to be. We desire to create TMM into the primary trusted and respected brand for reformed, complementarian Christian men made up of a community of content creators and church leaders who are Christ exalting, Biblically accurate, theologically astute, and joyfully loving to all people—knowing that these perfectly work together or they do not work at all. We seek to specialize in the excellent creation and utilization of online tools for supplementing and empowering offline communities of friendship and mentoring that form men of winsome wisdom and faithful futures of fulfilling our purpose of joyfully glorifying Jesus Christ, our king.

About Our Vision

Vision is a somewhat short-term foreseeable future you desire to bring about which serves your mission. We are quite young in our development and so we currently have 3 main intents we’re working on to define ourselves and advance our mission. All our work currently revolves around these three intents. You can read or listen to more about these in this thorough post.

In short, our current vision is to have this central site built out and regularly publishing predictable content by the end of 2018 along with the HNR.GD Network built and containing 10+ men actively writing by the summer of 2019. During this time we will lay the foundations for a mentoring aspect of TMM to begin work on it in 2019.

About Our Values

Everything you do, and especially how you do it, will be a reflection of what you value. We have listed some of our core values as a community, and we expect those who affiliate with us to be ever-modeling these, as they are ever-increasing in the likeness of Christ Jesus. You can read more about these here (link coming soon).

About Our Content

There's a lot to cover here, so this gets its very own page:

There's a lot to this one too, so it gets a page as well:

About Our Contributors

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About The "HNR.GD Network" We've Built

No really, it’s a literal “network” of shared resources, not just an association of friends on the internet (though we’re that too). This thing is awesome, and it’s the foundation of our massive effort to maximize evangelical reformed Christian men and what they have to say to the world, as well as equip churches and individuals to develop better friendships and mentoring for men of God.