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The Majesty's Men Show

Conversations with men from across the HNR.GD Network, as well as special guests, on important and timely topics for Christian men. We are unashamedly biblical and, as such, patriarchal men of God taking dominion and building Christendom for the glory of King Jesus and the good of all people. This isn’t the typical wanna-be-Big-Eva nice-guy chats. We’re pretty nice guys, but we’re raising a righteous ruckus in joyful warfare against those who mock our God and oppose our people. This is brotherly, yet bold and unembarrassed—applying every bit of God’s word to every bit of God’s world. This is man, seeking to protect, provide, and preside as we are made to—staying dangerous, but pursuing goodness, and honoring God in all we do. This is masculine Christianity. Join us in the fight and the fun!

The Majesty's Men Show

Outdo One Another In Showing Honor

A temptation competent men continually face is to let an inflated sense of self-importance outweigh our Christian character.—to subtly and slyly strive to be one of the most honored, rather than to obey God and strive to outdo one another in showing honor to our brothers. Scott, Riley, and Jared discuss this crucial aspect of Christlike masculinity and biblical brotherhood.

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The Majesty's Men Show

New Founding And A Positive Vision For America With Nate Fischer

This is a fun convo for those of us interested in entrepreneurial enterprise, building institutions, and better engaging our society with a positive Christian vision we’re creating. Nate Fischer and his truly multi-faceted organization of organizations, New Founding, is doing just this and we dig in to the whats, hows, and whys of it all.

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The Majesty's Men Show

What Is This “Christendom 2.0” We Speak Of?

When you hear guys in our tribe talking about Christendom, and specifically, building Christendom 2.0, do you wonder, “Okay, what is this term actually referring to and where does it come from?” Joshua Jenkins, Riley Adam Voth, and Jared Sparks have a fun conversation about this concept and explain what this white-pill term is all about, why we use it, and what we can all do about it going forward.

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The Majesty's Men Show

Joyful Truth Telling Amid Pagan Clown Yelling

Gabriel Hughes, Brian Sauvé, and Jared Sparks, three bold, biblical, and based pastors, discuss a reality Gabriel and Brian are very familiar with: getting our modern, feminist, “progressive,” clown-world, and their all-too regular cobelligerents of Big Evangelicalism, riled up and angry because you said a basic, biblical truth too clearly and pointedly in the online public spheres. How do you handle it joyfully and keep at it, and why?

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Featured Shows:

The Absolute Unit Podcast

Majoring in the Fundamentals with Matt Reynolds

In this episode we had the privilege to sit down and talk with Matt Reynolds, owner of Barbell Logic. He tells about how he began strength training and started Barbell Logic. Then we hear his thoughts on staying true to the fundamentals of strength training in a world with endless distractions.

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Recent and Featured Written Posts

Joshua Jenkins

For Masculine Christianity: A Review

I was expecting “Masculine Christianity” to read something like a shock-jock, masculine-pilled, cage-stager that had nothing but polemical zingers (I don’t know Zachary Garris obviously). Chapter by chapter, Garris takes up new opponents and their twistings of Holy Writ. The manner in which Garris does this is itself masculine.

James Gasaway

Reject Babylon, Invest Early in Zerubbabel Inc.

A growing movement of Christians are proclaiming the virtues of once again embracing entrepreneurial work and taking it upon ourselves to build society and remove our people from pagan rule. Yet even as we extol this, it’s tempting to despise the small beginnings when comparing to the luxuries we’re accustomed to.

Scott Tungay

Good Leaders Will Pick Good Fights

Our political hellscape is a direct result of Christian apathy and fear over fighting evil. A leader who wants to fight evil is dangerous to cowards. He might start a fight that they would be obligated to show up for.

man in grey suit jacket and man in black suit jacket
Shawn Mathis

Feminism And The Queer Movement Both Create The Same Harm

It’s not often the “women-liberating,” “progressive christians” want to reframe a topic to move it AWAY from cultural norms , but when it comes to gender roles, they’ll invent terms like “Christo-centric gender” to sound oh-so-faithful. Yet, their new “Christo-centric” gender roles unsurprisingly still conform closer to the spirit of the age than the tried-and-true roles God designed.

Derek Ball

A Gang And A Game Plan

If there was ever a time in recent history for men to start forming or joining packs (or militias for that matter), 2021 is that time. Our culture, and much of professed evangelicalism, is attempting to fell you — to overpower you, and to break you.

The Majesty's Men Admin

John Adams Understood America’s Current Problems, Back In 1798

In 1798, John Adams understood what is going on in America today better than many of our so-called pastors do and he explained it more clearly and boldly. Maybe that’s why he helped create such a fine country. Don’t be ashamed of the U.S.A. Give it the Gospel.

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