Waging War As Men, For Men

Our society has divided and conquered men, even within the church. We’re not okay with it. However, too many men who know something is wrong and want to fight, lack comrades, knowledge, and training. We are in the early stages of revamping all our content for a strong, unembarrassed, and dangerous focus on biblical manhood—the robust kind that unashamedly applies all of God’s word to all of life in God’s world. We seek to develop winsome wisdom; wage war on godless foolishness, taking dominion, create culture, and lead faithful families that shape the future. What’s our approach? Buzz words won’t do it justice, but you’ll find content to be flavored “reformed,” “evangelical,” “hard-complementarian / biblically patriarchal.” Simply put: biblical and manly—the stuff the world hates (including many Christians). We do this for men, and we do this for the world, the women, and kids we were meant to form and lead under the authority of our big brother, King Jesus. Above all, we do this for the glory of our Father, God. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new and better content, and/or lend your voice and skills to the endeavor by contributing content of your own.

We’ll send a carrier pigeon with a summary of the week—free as grace!

The Majesty's Men Show

Weekly conversations with men from across the HNR.GD Network, as well as special guests, on important and timely topics for Christian men. We are unashamedly biblical and, as such, patriarchal men of God raising a righteous ruckus and taking dominion for the glory of King Jesus and love of our neighbor. This isn’t the typical wanna-be-Big-Eva-nice-guy chats. This is bold, brotherly, and unembarrassed—applying every bit of God’s word to every bit of God’s world for the good of all people. This is man, seeking to protect, provide, and preside as we are made to—staying dangerous, but pursuing goodness; honoring God in all we do. This is masculine Christianity. Join us in the fight and the fun!

The Majesty's Men Show

The Importance Of Owned Space

Hosts And Guests Of This Episode Jared Sparks, Bo Hutches, Brian Sauvé Intro And Overview The men address the increasingly popular and vital topic of “owned space,” as well as the directly related topics of localized culture creation and men taking dominion across many spheres, rather than being recruited to become pastors. This episode was sparked by an article from

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The Majesty's Men Show

The Spine-Strengthening Doctrines Of Postmillennialism And Patriarchalism

The men talk about two topics which have been surging among men recently, much to the surprise of many. We’re not surprised though. These are spine-strengthening doctrines, especially for men. We’re talking about the often-debated Postmillennialism and the culture-hated Patriarchalism. *gasp* Yep. Postmil and patriarchy. We’re going there.

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Podcast Or An Idea For One?

We’ll be placing the archives of past shows back on the site as well as adding new ones in the months ahead. 

If you’re a man with a plan for a podcast, even just a bit of an idea, tell us about it! If it’s high quality and a good fit, we’ll be happy to help you get it launched either on TheMajestysMen.com or your own site on the HNR.GD Network.

Featured Shows:

The Firmly Planted Tree

Psalm 35 – Contend, O Lord

Psalm 35 can’t help but get you riled up. In it David demonstrates the active waiting on the Lord that would characterize much of his life and should characterize our lives. Our music is provided by Brian Sauve. You can find more info and support Brian in writing and recording the Psalms at the link: https://www.briansauve.com/songs-worth-singing Please make sure to

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The Firmly Planted Tree

Psalm 34 – Good Towards His People

Psalm 34 exhorts us to trust in the goodness of God towards his people, that our circumstances can be affected by our prayer and trust in Him. Our music is provided by Brian Sauve. You can find more info and support Brian in writing and recording the Psalms at the link: https://www.briansauve.com/songs-worth-singing Please make sure to check out https://themajestysmen.com/ and

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The Firmly Planted Tree

Psalm 33 – Sturdy Praise

Psalm 33 is one of the quintessential praise Psalms. It calls us to worship and praise God in the stout and sturdy praise of the ages to the Lord who is creator, king and loves us. Our music is provided by Brian Sauve. He just released a new full-length album, “Sing Psalms, Let Joy Resound.” You can find more info

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The Firmly Planted Tree

Psalm 32 – Sin and Suffering

Psalm 32 begs he question: what is the link between sin and suffering? Not all suffering is a direct result of our sins, but we would fail to speak the truth if we did not affirm that iniquity is pardoned ultimately in Jesus Christ. Our music is provided by Brian Sauve. He just released a new full-length album, “Sing Psalms,

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Recent and Featured Written Posts

Owen Strachan

Why Men Pursue Those We’re Called To Love

The reason we know we are to pursue those we’re called to love lies in the reality of who God is and who we are as his covenant people. The reality of God’s divine love we experience should overflow into the daily love others experience from us.

street crosswalk button with sticker saying "press to reset the world"
The Majesty's Men

The Great Reset Is Happening. No, Not That One; The TMM One

You may have heard rumors and chatter of a “Great Reset” coming. Well we’ll leave the speculation of national and global resets by the panicdemic opportunists for another day. What we can confirm is that TheMajestysMen.com is going to be undergoing a great reset of its own this year.

fighter jets flying together
Riley Adam Voth

It’s Time For Allies (Who Already Knew We Were At War)

Now is the time for forming alliances with people who were already taking ridicule for saying we were at war years ago, not those who still need convinced a war is on and who the enemy is. Let’s join together for battle.

Scott Tungay

Good Leaders Will Pick Good Fights

Our political hellscape is a direct result of Christian apathy and fear over fighting evil. A leader who wants to fight evil is dangerous to cowards. He might start a fight that they would be obligated to show up for.

Derek Ball

Get A Gang And A Game Plan, Godly Man

If there was ever a time in recent history for men to start forming or joining packs (or militias for that matter), 2021 is that time. Our culture, and much of professed evangelicalism, is attempting to fell you — to overpower you, and to break you.

The Majesty's Men

John Adams Understood America’s Current Problems, Back In 1798

In 1798, John Adams understood what is going on in America today better than many of our so-called pastors do and he explained it more clearly and boldly. Maybe that’s why he helped create such a fine country. Don’t be ashamed of the U.S.A. Give it the Gospel.

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