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Connecting The Men Constructing Christendom

We’re working on it. has existed since 2013. We’ve seen many trends, battles, needs, and men come and go, rise and fall. We’ve created content to help encourage and equip men to embrace their uniquely masculine call as men of God. We’ve helped shape and launch many a man and his blog, podcast, conference, church, business, product, or other idea. 

It has been a fun decade+ and we’re thrilled to see the army of “absolute units” the Lord has called up to such a time as this. God is on the move in the hearts of men across the west. More people are doing what we’ve tried to do and stir up others to do than ever before in the last 10+ years, and they’re doing it better than ever. As such, we’ve throttled back our work on much of the same efforts, as has been noted by many of you in the last year, to refocus our own efforts.

If there’s one thing we’ve been consistently good at more than any other over the years, it has been seeing what the next questions are, even if we didn’t yet have the answers; seeing the next needs, even if we didn’t know the solutions; and then beginning the work to bring those up, seek their answers, build what may help, and above all else: encourage, equip, and elevate the fellow men rising to lead in asking, answering, battling and building for God’s truth, God’s people, and God’s glory.

All of Christ for all of life. Always reforming. All the cool slogans. Always having a good time.

So in that spirit of working on the next big idea, again, we’ve entered a season you’ve seen us enter before if you’ve been around a while. We’ve throttled back most efforts in an attempt to simplify our workload and hone in on a new objective. This has coincided with many of the core men in our circles also buckling down to accomplish some priority initiatives in their lives and work. 

In other words, you might say we’re all charging up. Big ideas take time, money, and manpower. We’re working on some big ideas. 

We hope to share more in the first half of 2024.

Also, yes, we’re still operating the HNR.GD Hosting Network and have big plans for its development and improvement in the days ahead as well. It’s all part of the plan.

Rest assured, we aren’t resting. If the Lord wills it, our work is just getting started. Stay tuned, and keep up the good work, brothers!


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