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Our society has divided and conquered men, even within the church. We’re not okay with it. However, too many men who know something is wrong and want to fight, lack comrades, knowledge, and training. We are in the early stages of revamping all our content for a strong, unembarrassed, and dangerous focus on biblical manhood—the robust kind that unashamedly applies all of God’s word to all of life in God’s world. We seek to develop winsome wisdom; wage war on godless foolishness, taking dominion, create culture, and lead faithful families that shape the future. What’s our approach? Buzz words won’t do it justice, but you’ll find content to be flavored “reformed,” “evangelical,” “hard-complementarian / biblically patriarchal.” Simply put: biblical and manly—the stuff the world hates (including many Christians). We do this for men, and we do this for the world, the women, and kids we were meant to form and lead under the authority of our big brother, King Jesus. Above all, we do this for the glory of our Father, God. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new and better content, and/or lend your voice and skills to the endeavor by contributing content of your own.

We’ll send a carrier pigeon with a summary of the week—free as grace!

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The Majesty's Men

John Adams Understood America’s Current Problems, Back In 1798

In 1798, John Adams understood what is going on in America today better than many of our so-called pastors do and he explained it more clearly and boldly. Maybe that’s why he helped create such a fine country. Don’t be ashamed of the U.S.A. Give it the Gospel.

fighter jets flying together
Riley Adam Voth

It’s Time For Allies (Who Already Knew We Were At War)

Now is the time for forming alliances with people who were already taking ridicule for saying we were at war years ago, not those who still need convinced a war is on and who the enemy is. Let’s join together for battle.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Moloch high priestess
Riley Adam Voth

Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Right Sorrow. Right Gladness. Right Message.

As Christians, we should have a sort of sorrow even when a High Priestess of Moloch dies. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an eternal human soul, has now met the one and only Supreme Judge. And, it’s a terrible thing for the wicked to fall into His holy hands. Yet, this should embolden our declaration of truth.

sin discourage fight battle perseverance guy hiking image
Daniel Olushola

The Burden Of Sin Should Not Discourage Your Perseverance

Struggling with sin can be so discouraging it can lead us to question if we’re members of God’s Kingdom at all! This is why it’s important to have a right understanding of how we’re in God’s family, what keeps us here, and what we’re to do with the sin in us until Christ returns.

male and female boots facing each other
Jared Sparks

A Simple Critical Switch For Speaking About Complementarianism Positively

Because of the societal views (and sadly some “christian” views) on gender, Bible believing Christians need to be more precise in the way we speak about biblical manhood and womanhood. There’s two ways we can talk about gender to someone. The first is the most common way and quite negative; the second is a much better, more biblical, and positive way.

Owen Strachan

Why Men Pursue Those We’re Called To Love

The reason we know we are to pursue those we’re called to love lies in the reality of who God is and who we are as his covenant people. The reality of God’s divine love we experience should overflow into the daily love others experience from us.

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Podcast Or An Idea For One?

We’ll be placing the archives of past shows back on the site as well as adding new ones in the months ahead. 

If you’re a man with a plan for a podcast, even just a bit of an idea, tell us about it! If it’s high quality and a good fit, we’ll be happy to help you get it launched either on TheMajestysMen.com or your own site on the HNR.GD Network.

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VIRTUS podcast artwork of Roman forum columns

Don’t Despise the Younger Generation

Today I comment on the older generation of men that tend to look down on the younger generation for being lazy and irresponsible. The fact of the matter is the older generation raised the younger generation and really isn’t in a place to criticize to harshly. What should the younger generation do in response? Tune in. 

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