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Everyone is creative in one way or another, and we all long to create with excellence! This shouldn’t surprise us because we’re made in the image of THE Master Creator! So this category is used to discuss everything relating to our roles as sub-creators, reflecting God’s glory in all we create and do and why we love doing it! We also pass on resources and information for learning! Who knows what all it might become because, well, there’s freedom to be creative here! *badum-ching!* For a complete description of our categories, check out the Categories page.

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James Gasaway

Reject Babylon, Invest Early in Zerubbabel Inc.

A growing movement of Christians are proclaiming the virtues of once again embracing entrepreneurial work and taking it upon ourselves to build society and remove our people from pagan rule. Yet even as we extol this, it’s tempting to despise the small beginnings when comparing to the luxuries we’re accustomed to.

bibliotheca bible beautiful minimal elegant book set image
Riley Adam Voth

Bibliotheca, A Minimal, Beautiful, Reading Experience Of God’s Story

We love creating and we love a well created item or experience around here! This little project was and is a terrific example of this. After all, it’s working with God’s very word as the material, so it’s already awesome! Did you order a set? Will you be ordering?

music should christians listen record player image
Craig Kemper

What Music Should Christians Listen To?

Does musical style matter to God? Are there certain styles better, more holier, than other styles of music? Do lyrics really matter? What makes some songs more worth listening to than others for us as Christians?

new tunes rend collective the majesty's men music monday
The Majesty's Men Admin

Time For Some New Jams? Here’s A Wide Variety! Now Share Yours! – #MusicMonday

It’s been a while since the last #MusicMonday post around here, so it’s high time to freshen up the playlists! Here’s both some recent releases and older jams from a wide variety of genres that we’ve been feeling the last few weeks. Make sure you share what’s been in your ears in the comments!

why men should blog
Riley Adam Voth

8 Crazy-Good Reasons Why Guys Should Blog

I’ve found men have many reasons for why they don’t blog, but here are some unarguably awesome reasons why you should probably get started, now. Blogging has changed my life for over a decade. It will do the same for you.

nasa largest image ever fly through video
The Majesty's Men Admin

Have You Seen This Video Of The Largest Image Ever? Worship May Follow!

This fly-through video of the largest image ever taken (recently released by NASA) will take your breath away. Then when you get your breath back, you’ll probably worship or make something super creative. Prepare to have your mind blown by God’s creativity and power.

The Majestys Men TMM Computer Mobile Background Downloadable
Anthony Esau

A FREE “The Majesty’s Men” Computer Background

Here’s a free The Majesty’s Men background for you to download. Use it as a reminder to log in and write some awesome posts or simply as a reminder of the unshakeable kingdom you’re a part of!

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