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*Update: we are soon to announce some new community endeavors than what is below. Coming soon in early 2021. For now, feel free to join the FB Group still to stay up to date. 

We once had a full-fledged community app going, but we’ve restructured things a bit… While we build out some new and better tools for the future, we are going to move our virtual community and chats into a simple Facebook group. Facebook Groups have really improved in recent years and we look forward to using some of the tools they provide and having conversations in there with each other! 

We share files, videos, funny gifs, and more! Topics can range from culture and theology to prayer and marriage. We also may discuss future blog posts, products, and website development with anyone interested. We’ve even talked about opening up a reading group and going through a book or scripture together!

The point is, we want to encourage one another, share life from prayer requests to jokes, and discuss topics in society and theology. We also work together with plans and projects for the community! You can be involved as little or as much as you’d like to be!

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A Growing Community Of Friends, Mentors, Ministries, and More

TMM grew like crazy from 2013 to 2018, but became a bit scattered and unfocused. We had dozens and dozens of authors and hundreds of community members. It became more than we could keep up with. We have taken the last couple years to do a re-think and rebuild, and have some big changes in store for the community and way we do content. As we get those changes set and in place, we will be adding to this page to reflect who we are and how we exist as a community. 

Be sure, we will still be a multi-author blog which you can contribute to, but we will also be so much more!

One of the most notable changes you’ll see already is the network bloggers. We are hosting sites for men who are upstanding and exemplary men, worth getting to know and following just as they follow Christ. You can see their content and sites being pulled through the home page as well.

Also, a virtual community app of dedicated interest groups, courses, conferences, and events is on the way. It’s going to be amazing. 

Authors And Contributors To The Blog

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Podcast Show Hosts

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Network Bloggers

These are men of God whom we believe to be exemplary in the way they love the Lord, care for and lead their families, handle the Word of God, serve their local church, and love their neighbors. We are honored to host their blogs and promote them to you as men you should follow and emulate just as they follow and emulate Jesus Christ. 




Network Partners

These are sites and projects which we are honored to host, empower, and promote in our network because they’re an excellent fit to serve our community and user base well, do great work for the kingdom of God, and are worthy of your attention, involvement, and support.

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Coming Soon

Have An Idea?


These are the few people who regularly put in the hours week after week to keep everything happening in the TMM spheres. We like to call them “stewards”, and not just because of the medieval roots of the word, being the supervisors of an estate, but because we believe we really are stewarding a valuable resources and responsibility with the community and capabilities of TMM. We’d love to have you join in and help too.

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Ryan Northfield


Riley Adam Voth

Editor-in-chief, Developer

Payte Johnson

Social Media Manager: Twitter

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Click here to view the ways you can help out this community as a fellow steward with us. We always have ways we can use your help.