Ep. 10 – Jesus’ Twelve Disciples Were Probably Teenagers

Jesus launched his earthly ministry when he was thirty years old, but how old were the twelve disciples who followed him? Does the Bible say? Are there indicators from church history? On this episode, we discussed how old the disciples might have been, while looking at an article by David Paul Kirkpatrick, titled, “Jesus’ Bachelors – The Disciples Were Most Likely Under The Age of 18.”

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There Is No Category Called “Leaders” For Men

There is no category, role, or title called “Leaders” for men. What I mean is, you don’t pick or achieve that as a man. You just, by default, are that.

lion leader nature cub alpha pride play natural
You long to lead and conquer as a man, by design.

The only question that remains for us as men is,

“Are you a good leader or a bad leader?”

And, possibly more important,

“Are you a bad leader that thinks you’re a good leader?”

Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a spiritual gifting of leadership. I know that’s true. Some guys, and gals, are just naturally given the spiritual gift of leadership. It’d be a great post for another time on what the difference truly is – and oh there’s a huge difference – but that’s not what I’m talking about now.

What I’m talking about is the nature of who you are and how you are made as a man – the roles you’ve inescapably been designed for whether you like it or not.

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