Josh Garrels’ New Album, Home, Is A Soothing Winner. Check It Out Here! – #MusicMonday

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

Music Monday rolls on with a good jam or two – or eleven- for you today!

This week we wanted to point out, in case you’ve missed it the last two months, that Josh Garrels‘ new album is pretty awesome!

So here’s a bit of goodness for your ears this week:

The Good Jams:

Here’s two current favorites off his new album, Home, along with a few thoughts and a full album stream below.

Musician: Josh Garrels / Album: Home / Song: The Arrow

Musician: Josh Garrels / Album: Home / Song: A Long Way

These are both fairly different, just to give you a taste. If you dig these, you should check out the full album (we found a video playing the full album below)!

So far the discussion from the guys around here has been that after a couple listens, the album really grows on you. It doesn’t have near as much “rap”, or “spoken word”, as his last album. However, the music is amazing. Garrels really showed off his range and artistic musical chops on this one!

It’s not as much fun to sing along with as previous work, but it’s a lot fun to listen to. Soothing, actually, with great words!

So give it a couple listens before you make a decision on whether you like it. Enjoy!

Listen To The Full Josh Garrels Album Playlist for Home


P.S. If you know anything about how Josh Garrels works, you’ll know he releases his music for free. This one has already finished it’s free release phase, but if you keep an eye out, he usually does future free releases as well. Either way, every one of his albums is worth a few bucks! Support great musicianship! 🙂



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