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The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

It’s been way too long since the last #MusicMonday post around here. It’s time to freshen up the playlists; so we’re going to throw quite a few in this post.

You won’t have to hang around long to know we appreciate a wide variety of good jams here – different days call for different genres! So let’s simply throw down some recent favorites we’ve been listening to, across any and all categories!

Don’t forget to share what you’ve been listening to in the comments below! It doesn’t have to be new; we like the throwbacks too!

A Few Tunes To Check Out…

In no particular order, here are both recent releases and older jams we’ve been feeling the last few weeks!

Rend Collective’s New “As Family We Go” Will Make You Dance A Jig Of Worship… Cause That’s A Thing

It’s not exactly a worship album, but it pretty much is… Rend Collective’s “As Family We Go” is more upbeat than most worship albums that you think of, but there’s no reason why “worship music” shouldn’t make you dance. It’s cheerful, but it’s not silly… Well, not lyrically speaking… It’s just a fun album.

You Will Never Run by Rend Collective

They also have videos of the songs with the lyrics and chords, which is pretty awesome if you’re a musician who likes to not only listen to good music, but play it as well!

Every Giant Will Fall by Rend Collective

They have quite a few slower worship jams that would be great for singing with a group or congregation. If you’re feeling their stuff you can buy the album or just go enjoy their Vevo channel on YouTube or listen to their official channel’s playlist of their new album as well:

If you’re feeling them, support their music by paying them for their album on iTunes or elsewhere!

Andy Mineo’s “Uncomfortable” Drops Some Serious Beats And Serious Truth

Andy Mineo recently released a new album with an amazing variety of sounds and amazing beat and serious lyrics. You’ll be impressed with this album whether or not you’re a fan of rap and hip hop or not, but if you’re already a fan, you’ll really dig this. Here’s the Reach Records album playlist to give a listen:

Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo

If you’re feeling it, support him by buying the album on iTunes or elsewhere!

David Crowder’s “Neon Steeple” Album Will Get Ya Through A Bad Day

Been enjoying some of David Crowder’s excellent folky music off his album “Neon Steeple” lately. You simply cannot listen to this album and have a bad day. There’s pretty much no way. It has a song for every mood and it’ll renew your mind with sound truth and make you tap your feet while you do it. Just give these two songs a try and see:

Lift Your Head Weary Sinners (Chains) by David Crowder

Ain’t No Grave by David Crowder

If you’re feeling it, you can get the whole “Neon Steeple” album on iTunes.

August Burns Red Brings The Rock With Their Latest

If you’re more into the metal / heavy rock style, August Burns Red released a new album, “Found In Faraway Places” a couple months ago that’ll get your hand banging.

Admittedly, you usually won’t find their lyrics quite as clear and understandable (as in, even when you do understand the lyrics), uplifting or even bearing witness, but the guys do identify as Christian and sometimes you’ll find some clear themes of that in the music. You’ll definitely appreciate their musical skills though.

Here’s the album stream from Fearless Records:

Now It’s Your Turn To Share Your Recent Listenings!

Okay, that’s a decent variety that should keep your ears happy for a week or so. Now it’s your turn to share.

Tell everyone what you’ve been jamming lately in the comments below! Old or new – we like it all!


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