Announcing A New “Workers” Category Of Content, Because, Reality

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin


From the very start of The Majesty’s Men, we’ve used roles that we fulfill as men of God to categorize our content into streams of topics. After these role-based categories, we use specific, topical tags to group topics and series of articles and shows.

Of course, all categories can have great overlap if we write too generally, but these have served us pretty well for a way to place content into predictable streams. As we hone in the writing of articles more and more that we publish on this site, they’ll serve us better and better.

Yet, from the very start we’ve known we were missing a top-level categorization for something that we needed to discuss more specifically as men of God. We needed a stream for content around work of various natures as well as providing finances and futures for our families, being a Godly employee or employer, and so on.

While certainly some people do make a living out of their creative or scholarly works, it’s not the majority of us.

Most of us have to wake up and hit the daily grind, work as though working for the Lord, deal with people who don’t believe what we do, bear witness to our savior to those around us, and then come home and try to excel at loving our families better than we tried to excel at our work.

We Are Workers By God’s Design

From the beginning of creation, God has made us to work and to care for his creation, and though work is burdened with sin like all else on this side of eternity, we are called to lead, love, and bear witness of the gospel in this reality of our lives.

So men, let’s do this, together.

Let’s help each other be God-glorifying disciples of Jesus in our work.

Ideas For Topics

Talk about business or business development. Talk about trades and crafts. Talk about physical labor. Talk about finances, budgeting, investing, spending (as these are all made possible by you being a worker… or, should be). Talk about

Talk about the responsibility to earn for your family and put food on the table. Talk about laziness. Talk about pride. Talk about integrity. Talk about being a Godly boss. Talk about being a Godly employee. Talk about being a Godly freelancer.

Talk about evangelism through work and in workplaces. Talk about bearing witness of the gospel with your life, your career, your achievements, your integrity, your spending, your giving, your community involvement, your leadership and influence. Or talk about your failures in these areas and God’s goodness and faithfulness to you even in your failures.

After months and months of work on this (big shout-out to Anthony Esau — the original designer of our brand elements), we are excited to roll out a new category of content on The Majesty’s Men, and it’s intentionally called “Workers” to be general enough to cover all these topics and more.

We’ll use “Workers” for our articles, our shows, our resources, our coaching (yea, you read that right *wink*), and more!

So, have at it!

Let’s help each other be workers that make our King proud!


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