If you want to understand how our content flows and what all you can expect here, this is your page! We’ll tell you all about what you can expect and how to navigate to what is most helpful from our role based categories and various topics to the different types of content and series we run!

Our Categories: Roles As Men Of God

Our categories are represented by these symbols, also seen near the top of each page (depending on what device you’re viewing on). These are roles that we believe we are called to fulfill and lead in as sons of God and heirs of his kingdom. Don’t sell yourself short! You can be any and all of these!

You’ll notice however, that there is no category for “leaders” because we believe that by nature of being a man, you’re already a leader. Whether you’re a good one or a bad one, you still are one — it’s the way God designed things.

Some are gifted with the skills of leadership in different areas, including women, and they serve by leading positionally in their area of expertise, but we as men still fulfill the same overarching roles as leaders by nature and responsibility for our families, churches, cities and societies.

In each of these, we do them with love and are in an ongoing process of improvement. If the goal is to be like Christ, then the goal is to be holy, excellent and blameless in all that we do. So, keep working at it, together!

So with that said, what are these overarching roles we fulfill as men of God’s kingdom? Here’s what we have so far. You can click on each of these symbols to view the category’s content stream as well as read an overview of what each covers.

TMM Ambassadors
TMM Scholars
TMM Lovers
TMM Warriors
TMM Creators
TMM Kinsmen
TMM Citizens

Topic Tags: Getting More Specific Within Our Roles

Think of it this way: If the blog were a giant river and the categories were all the many streams flowing in and out of it, then our tags might be the fish you find in each stream.

You can grab the ones you like or need at the time, and toss the others back.

Okay, it’s not a perfect analogy, but hey, we tried. Basically, we use these topics tags collect reoccurring themes in our content. The most popular ones are listed here and if you click them you’ll view all posts that touch this topic. You can also find these tags at the at the bottom of each individual post.

We do add, edit, and regroup these tag topics periodically for better usability, so check back regularly.

Our Most Popular Topics, Click To View The Posts

Our Series Of Content: Ongoing, Community-Wide, And Individual Post Series

We are really proud of our ever-improving content series that we offer on an ongoing basis. We also have a lot of fun doing community-wide series periodically that all the authors can participate in! Additionally, certain individuals will create their own series of posts and we want to highlight some of the best of the best here.

Ongoing Series Of Content

These are ongoing series of content that we produce as a site. We have more to add to this that we already produce as well as many more ideas to come.

join hold fast chats show
Hold Fast Chats
Community Conversations Helpful Video Chats With Friends The Majesty's Men CommunityConvos Graphic
Community Convos
quotes worth sharing by the majesty's men
TheMajestysMen Super Sermons Series
Super Sermons

Community-Wide, Multi-Author Series Of Content

Click any of these to go to the index page for the series. We may still add to some of these series at any point! If you want to add a post in one or join us in the next community-wide series we do, get your own account and go for it!

gospel foundations tracks believe live
Gospel Foundations
Relational Media

Some Of The Series Of Content From Individual Authors

Here are a few examples of individual series that guys have done on their own! Clicking any of these will take to you the index post for each specific series. You can also use our “Series” tag to see the stream of index posts.

Our Types Of Content

Last, but not least, we make it easy to track our different types of content. Maybe you’re only into book reviews? Maybe you just like videos or audio? The super practical? We try to keep content grouped with types for this purpose as well. Here is what we’re working with right now. If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve, we’d love to hear them!

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could improve, we’d love to hear them! Please get in touch via the Contact page.

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