New Founding And A Positive Vision For America With Nate Fischer

This is a fun convo for those of us interested in entrepreneurial enterprise, building institutions, and better engaging our society with a positive Christian vision we’re creating. Nate Fischer and his truly multi-faceted organization of organizations, New Founding, is doing just this and we dig in to the whats, hows, and whys of it all.

Joyful Truth Telling Amid Pagan Clown Yelling

Gabriel Hughes, Brian Sauvé, and Jared Sparks, three bold, biblical, and based pastors, discuss a reality Gabriel and Brian are very familiar with: getting our modern, feminist, “progressive,” clown-world, and their all-too regular cobelligerents of Big Evangelicalism, riled up and angry because you said a basic, biblical truth too clearly and pointedly in the online public spheres. How do you handle it joyfully and keep at it, and why?

Men, Starting Righteous Fires: About The Majesty’s Men Show

We introduce our new, official show and give a broad overview of what we’re all about as patriarchal, Biblical, unashamed men of God. We key in on the present, pivotal need for building institutional power by joining together as men of God to stand against the pagan downgrade happening all around.

Ep. 12 – Wasting Your Life on Social Media

Facebook continues to be the primary platform users prefer to connect with others online. The statistics for this social media platform use are shocking. On this episode, we looked at an article by Gordon Donnelly for WordStream, titled, “75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2018” with special guest Josh Kilsch. Let’s seek the truth together.

photoshopping real women photoshopped false beauty ideals

Are You Photoshopping Your Ideal Conception Of A Woman?

This short video stirs both sobering questions and a bit of sorrow. We must ask ourselves some important questions about whether we’re photoshopping a false ideal in our hearts and minds that will feed a hurtful cycle, rather than guarding ourselves, our brothers, and our sisters.