Men, Starting Righteous Fires: About The Majesty’s Men Show

The Majesty's Men Show
The Majesty's Men Show
Men, Starting Righteous Fires: About The Majesty's Men Show

Hosts And Guests Of This Episode

Jared Sparks, Scott Tungay, Riley Voth

Intro and Overview

We introduce our new, official The Majesty’s Men Show and give a broad overview of what we’re all about as patriarchal, Biblical, unashamed men of God.

We key in on the present, pivotal need for building institutional power by joining together as men of God to stand against the pagan downgrade happening all through our country and many others.

Yes, we need to build strong churches, but the church needs to, in strength, work out into every sphere of life from media production to education and, yes, even politics.

This world already belongs to a King. We are his men. It’s time we act like it for the good of our families, churches, society, and the world. It’s time we call other men to think Biblically, live Holy, and step into the roles God has called them to — protecting, providing, and presiding as men of God.

We want to encourage you to create culture and advance Christendom with courage and zero embarrassment for God’s word.

We hope you’ll join us as we start some fires that the pagans have to try to put out. Let’s give them something to worry about for a change.

May God be glorified.

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[00:00:00] Intro Manly Voice: The Majesty’s Men is a multi-faceted enterprise for maximizing men and glorifying God. We wage war together, as men, for men— promoting the patriarchy by equipping and encouraging Christian men to throw off indolence and passivity, embrace virtuous masculinity, take dominion, and protect, provide, and preside as the adopted sons and heirs of God’s kingdom we are.

The Majesty’s Men hosts the HNR.GD Network—an alliance of exemplary men and their ministries, projects, businesses, and churches all around the world. In this weekly show, we speak with the numerous men of the HNR.GD Network, along with special guests and friends of the network, all about the understanding and application of God’s timeless truth to the timely topics and events of today.

We seek to work out godly wisdom on mission as men in every domain of life, leading and blessing our families, churches, and societies, as we go.

We seek to unashamedly apply every bit of God’s word to every bit of God’s world—creating culture and building Christendom so that we, or those who come after us, may see every knee bow before our King, as we fill the earth with the glory of God, for the good of all people. Join us in the fight and the fun! 

[00:01:11] Jared Sparks: Welcome to The Majesty’s Men Show! This is the very first episode. We’re excited about what is going to be taking place over the next, you know, hopefully most of us are Postmil, I don’t know, I think all of us are probably Postmil, so over the next a hundred years of The Majesty’s Men Show. We’re excited about what’s going to be going down today.

[00:01:27] Jared Sparks: I’m with Riley Voth and with Scott Tungay. How you guys doing today? You guys doing well?

[00:01:33] Scott Tungay: Top-notch.

[00:01:34] Riley Adam Voth: Doin great.

[00:01:35] Jared Sparks: . Top-notch and doing great. That’s pretty great. I’m gonna go ahead and pray. And then Riley, we’re going to pitch it to you and you just tell us what this podcast, what the show, what we’re doing here.

[00:01:44] Jared Sparks: And we’re excited to, to have a conversation about it. Let’s go and pray. Father. We recognize that. You are in charge that you are Supreme. Jesus. We thank you that you are the king of Kings, that you are the Lord of Lords. You have all authority in heaven and earth, and we want to submit to that authority right now.

[00:02:01] Jared Sparks: You are the master. We are the servants, and we want to follow in your footsteps. And so lead us in this discussion, lead us with this show. We thank you for the opportunity that we have with a group of men that you’ve brought together. And we trust that this is going to be helpful to other men. We want to raise up Godly young men, and Godly older men, to be the patriarchs, to be the men that you’ve called them to be, and to bring life to those around them, to see the kingdom of God spread to those that are around them. And God help us to take ground, take square footage, take this world for your glory. That’s what we want to do.

[00:02:32] Jared Sparks: And so lead us in this discussion. We trust that you’re going to it’s in Jesus’ name that I pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. Riley, tell us about it, man. What are we doing here? 

[00:02:42] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, I’ll, I’ll tell you from, uh, my construction site, sitting here. Uh, this is funny. Umm, I think, I believe the plan will be to have video posted as well. So if you’re listening to this on podcast, just know there’s video, and I have a very odd background right now, but this, it plays in well.

[00:03:03] Jared Sparks: Well, why don’t you just go ahead and tell us what you’re doing? Cause that’s a great side hustle that you got going on. That’s really your main hustle, but why don’t you go ahead and just tell us what you’re doing. 

[00:03:09] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, it’s hard to describe what my main hustle is these days. I have like four main hustles, but, but, um, Yeah.

[00:03:16] Riley Adam Voth: I’m sitting in a construction site right now of my own making, where I’m renewing a shop on main street on the main intersection of this little town that I grew up in. And, uh, and it was just in terrible need of some TLC (tender, loving care) and it was in a bad state. A bad way. This is a shop that a bunch of old men used to hang out in and get their haircut and talk sports and drink soda and whatnot.

[00:03:43] Riley Adam Voth: And I used to come here as a kid and I always wanted a little glass bottle out of this sort of thing. And I love this place. I have a lot of nostalgia here and it was in need of, um, care, big time. And so I’m completely gutting it and renewing this place and it’s going to be a really nice salon when I’m done.

[00:04:00] Riley Adam Voth: And so I do a lot of this kind of stuff. Um, you know, if you’ve heard any of my episodes with Jared on your podcast, The Shepherd’s Crook. Um, this is something that I do, I renovate homes and stuff. And we’re going to talk a lot about this as men, you know, renewing things around us and building and creating it.

[00:04:18] Riley Adam Voth: So that’ll, that’ll come into play a lot because that is the paradigm I come from. I used to pastor and now I do mostly this. So it’s interesting, cause I’m set up here in the construction site to talk about this, and I’ll just segue straight into what this show’s going to be from that.

[00:04:34] Riley Adam Voth: So we wanted to make a show where, you know, we do talk about doctrine, we do talk about theology, we do talk about all this, but we also talk about application. Like real world stuff where, you know, not every man is a pastor and good men of God do a whole lot of things in a whole lot of domains, and take dominion with their gifts that God has given them outside of pastoral work. 

[00:04:54] Riley Adam Voth: And a lot of us are pastors and do still do pastoral work. Or, elders, or desire to be. But we also lead our families and lead society. And so we’re going to talk about all sorts of domains of work and, and how we live them out as men and lead our families and lead our churches and lead society and the interplay of this.

[00:05:16] Riley Adam Voth: And that’s what this show is going to be all about. Um, you know, The Majesty’s Men started in 2013 from a little men’s ministry that I was running of a bunch of college guys. We had a solid group of guys that would sit and converse about theology and life, and we didn’t know anything. All I knew at the time was manhood in America was jacked up.

[00:05:40] Riley Adam Voth: It’s not biblical, it’s not right. Things are missing. I didn’t know what was missing and through the Lord’s grace over the last what’s it been now eight years, we have explored that and God has put a lot of solid men into my past and have really helped me in a lot of solid information. And we’re going to be interviewing a lot of those guys on the show.

[00:06:00] Riley Adam Voth: We’re going to be bringing in guests. We’re going to be bringing in stuff. The Majesty’s Men grew from this multi-author blog exploring what does it mean to be a man to saying, okay, I think we know what it means to be a man. And now let’s platform more of these men who also know it and are exemplary men like this.

[00:06:15] Riley Adam Voth: And so we started just giving all of our resources that we had built to these other guys and saying, here, you got a blog, you got a ministry. Now we’re even saying you’ve got a church. Let us empower you with this technology and platform. Your, uh, media and your businesses, your ministries. And so we now have this thing called the honor, God network.

[00:06:35] Riley Adam Voth: Where we host all these amazing men. There’s dozens of them ranging in a wide range of age. I think our youngest is 23 Derek, and he’s just crushing it as a 23 year old sharp young guy all the way up to like you got Gabriel Hughes out there, pastoring with Tom buck. Uh, he might be our oldest at this point.

[00:06:52] Riley Adam Voth: We’ve got some older men we’re talking to. I won’t name drop them yet, but, uh, so we’re growing like crazy. We have this wide array of bold biblical men that are. Making feminists mad and doing amazing work and we’re going to talk to all of them and we’re going to, we’re going to learn from them and have conversations.

[00:07:11] Riley Adam Voth: You know, the timeless truths and doctrine, um, and principles that we know from all of God’s word and apply it to all of God’s world. And these guys are just phenomenal at it. They honor God network. Men are amazing men that I’ve learned so much from. And I’ll just, I’ll say this. I was reading. It’s funny.

[00:07:30] Riley Adam Voth: We’re even recording this now because just yesterday I was reading in first Chromebook. I was hit like you guys know of the sons of it’s a car and, um, there’s this amazing phrase in there. Um, it just describes him as like, there’s not a lot. We know about the tribe visit car. It was one of the 12 tribes and.

[00:07:48] Riley Adam Voth: Uh, it just says this about him. It said they were mighty men of valor and they had an understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do. And I was just like, that is a phenomenal phrase. That is so cool. And I was like, if we were known as that on the Majesty’s men and all the guys across the network, and if this show was just all about that, talking to mighty men of valor who had understanding of the times to know what our society up to do, that would be.

[00:08:16] Riley Adam Voth: It’s just an excellent thing to be known as, and that’s what I want this to be all about. And that’s what we’ve, we have our striving to be all about on the Magisters man and the honor God network or those kinds of men. And so, um, there’s a lot more I could say about that, but I mean, I think that’s just.

[00:08:32] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, introduction to the idea here. 

[00:08:35] Jared Sparks: That’s good. And it’s got, we’ll pitch it your way here in a second. So how this is going to work as, as a show is that I’m going to be coming on as the lead host, and then we’re going to have a rotation of guys from the honor, God network. That’s going to be coming on as co-hosts, they’re going to be on anywhere from once to twice, possibly three times a month.

[00:08:51] Jared Sparks: Let’s go. Scott’s going to be one of those guys. Riley’s going to be one of those guys. Brian Solvay is going to be a regular co-host as well. And also Bo. And then periodically, we’re going to pull in different guys from inside and outside of the network. And so we’ve got interviews set up with CR Wiley.

[00:09:06] Jared Sparks: We got interviews set up with Doug Wilson and we’re going to have other guys that. If you’re listening to this, you’re knowing that the tribe that we’re talking about, and if you know the name Riley, both, if you know Scott Tonga, uh, okay. You know exactly what the show is going to be like. And so it’s going to be helpful.

[00:09:23] Jared Sparks: And I think we’re going to be learning from a lot of different, a lot of different guys, that’s going to be helping it, helping us understand a lot of different things. And so Scott, why don’t you go ahead and tell us he’s an honor, honor God network. Tell us about yourself and. W what you’re about and why you’re excited about being a part of this work and what, what do you think this is going to be able to contribute?

[00:09:38] Jared Sparks: There’s a lot of podcasts out there. There’s a lot of shows out there. So, so why start? Why start another? Yeah. 

[00:09:44] Scott Tungay: You know, I think, I think for me the biggest thing you, you see, uh, with dominion guys with patriarchal guys with just reformed guys who are done. You know, clown world and like, God am I the only guy, you know?

[00:09:56] Scott Tungay: And so we start finding each other on Twitter or on gab or on YouTube or whatever. I’m like, okay, this guy is fighting. You know, this guy is fighting. Um, but we, we still kind of feel isolated. And, and what I’m so excited about is, is getting guys who. You know, kind of the flagpole or the lightning rod, uh, you know, the guys in the media domain, the ministry domain who are actually doing stuff to get them all in like a big tent and kind of get all of our guys, you know, in a, in a place together.

[00:10:22] Scott Tungay: Like we’re not alone, there’s 7,000 other guys. Uh, you know, I think. Uh, we struggle, um, whether it’s, you know, politically on the right, but even in ministry as well of this kind of, I’ve got to guard my guys to make sure they don’t, they don’t go and find Riley. And I think Riley’s cooler than me. And it’s like, no, no, no, please.

[00:10:41] Scott Tungay: For the love of God, And like, how can we share tools with each other? How can we share encouragement with each other? Because it’s no longer a war between all the tribes of, you know, all these cool dudes who have their own followings. It’s like, Hey chaps. We were actually all in a war. Uh, let’s, let’s fight in the same direction.

[00:11:00] Scott Tungay: Let’s, let’s pull in and push in the same direction. I think that’s what I’m just so pumped about, you know, is, is getting guys. Already doing things in their domain differently to how I would do it. You know, I see my domain primarily, uh, media, you know, uh, Raleigh right now, you’re crashing in the economy, Gerald, you’re crushing in ministry.

[00:11:19] Scott Tungay: And you know, it’s, it’s finding all these guys together. I’m like, how can we, uh, work our gifts together, um, towards a great thing. And that’s what it meant. I’m just so excited about, of, of going on the offensive with a bunch of other guys who are, are fighting, uh, as well. 

[00:11:35] Jared Sparks: Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah. Riley, go for it, man.

[00:11:38] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah. I was going to say, this is a funny analogy and if it’s a, it’s a bit of a silly analogy, but I’ve been using it a lot because I feel like it describes well, what we have made and it’s like, it’s funny. Cause I can’t even take credit for this. God has just guided the steps into this formation of things and I, all I’ve done is said.

[00:11:58] Riley Adam Voth: That seems like a great idea. God, let’s, let’s capitalize on this more. Let’s lean into this more, but, but I use this analogy. If you guys are familiar with the Marvel movies that have been so big the last decade or so there’s this enormous ship. And one of them called the Hellacarrier, you know, and it’s like, uh, it’s like one of those big carriers that you see in the Navy that they launch all these jets for.

[00:12:20] Riley Adam Voth: But this is like a hella carrier, right? It can float or it can fly. And in the movies that flies around and it’s absolutely monstrous, right? And this ship is kind of the headquarters of this enormous network of people and, you know, warriors protecting earth and whatnot. And if you’re not in the Marvel.

[00:12:38] Riley Adam Voth: Good for you. Cause it’s a massive waste of time in many ways, but, um, and I I’m certainly no Marvel geek, but I saw that and I was like, that’s an interesting analogy for so much of like what we are trying to do with the honor. God network is we’ve built this massive. Infrastructure and from it, we can launch out tons of exactly what Scott was saying.

[00:12:57] Riley Adam Voth: Tons of like other great, you know, destroyers and jets and ministries and, and just men that are going to go out and crush it. And they can use our support as much as they want. Or these are phenomenal guys on their own that can go out and take ownership and do things on their own. But they know we’re here to support them.

[00:13:14] Riley Adam Voth: We’re here to connect them. We’re here to like, bring this like sort of institutional power that has to be reckoned with, by society. And that I think that so much of what we have missed as Christians for the last century, we had a country that was a phenomenal, like. But founded on Judeo-Christian roots by bold biblical men and, and, or at least men that knew they needed to honor God.

[00:13:39] Riley Adam Voth: And there was a God above them that they were not it. And we have lost that and Christians have stepped out of the public domain and we now try to be sort of this false piety stick, like, oh, we don’t speak to politics. It’s just, and you know, all these things and, and I want to say, let’s come back and like, let’s build an Institute.

[00:13:59] Riley Adam Voth: That people have to recognize, you know, we may not be the greatest. We may not be the, like, get everything perfect, but, but we’re going to be something that clown world, you know, the satanic domain of darkness in the world that is going on in our society is really in our society right now has to reckon with.

[00:14:17] Riley Adam Voth: And I think that’s exactly what Scott was saying. Like when you band together, you can form that. Um, and so, yeah, that’s what I mean. That’s what we wanted. 

[00:14:26] Jared Sparks: Yeah, that’s really good. And here’s the deal, I think right now, we’re, we’re using the phrase clown world. I love that. I originally got that from Scott.

[00:14:33] Jared Sparks: I think I said it in my sermon. This Sunday talked about clown world. I love it. So I typically rip Scott off for other guys as well. Um, but it is a helpful thing. Cause you think clown world and you look out and you look around you and you, you got your, your nose and the scriptures and you look up and you look around and think that’s crazy.

[00:14:49] Jared Sparks: This is truth. And one of the things that’s been helpful for me to think through is that the more inundated, the more familiar I am with the scriptures, the more I’m going to question the world, the more familiar I am with the world, the more I’m going to question the scriptures. And one of the things I think.

[00:15:04] Jared Sparks: In, in evangelical circles with manhood and with this war on men, is that we have equated with contextualization with Tim Keller EITs with gospel coalition with a third way, with the middle way, we have equated a evangelism with public witness and being liked or appreciated or respected by the world.

[00:15:22] Jared Sparks: And if you’re wanting to be respected by the world and the world turns into clouds. Where the common grace of God continues to just as God preserves a society. And he begins to pull, pull back the reins a little bit, and clown world becomes more and more and more of a clown world will passages. Like what Jesus tells us.

[00:15:39] Jared Sparks: If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you well with. Eventually evangelistic misseology, you’re not allowed to be hated by the world. If you’re hated by the world, you’re doing something incorrectly because you’re, you’re losing your relational capital with the world. But here are you guys and other guys that I’ve been learning from, and this is what I’ve stepped out of over the last several years is you, you got to get to the point where you don’t care what clown world thinks at all, or you will disobeyed.

[00:16:05] Jared Sparks: To preserve some sort of weird twisted public witness that is dishonoring to God. And so if you’re talking about building institutions that doesn’t care what clown world thinks, but in the midst of clown world, we’re in the world, but not of the world. Okay. So let’s, let’s think through that a little bit, Scott, I’d love to hear your thoughts on building institutions and, and here we are gathering together with a digital, you know, show, but I mean, practically why in the world are we going to be building institutions in the midst of cloud world?

[00:16:31] Scott Tungay: Yeah, I think, you know, one of the biggest PSYOPs that, that we’ve, you know, apart from what you said, Of kindness, kindness being a Christian’s number one fruit, that’s a huge PSYOP, but a second site up is libertarian thinking, you know, this thing of like, well, let’s just retreat. Let’s just nonaggression.

[00:16:49] Scott Tungay: Um, and I think, you know, and, and with that individualism, like radical individualism, like I’m just, I’m just me. Don’t care about family. Don’t care about community. I’m just going to run off and, and look off to mask. And that’s kind of permeated through Christianity and conservative. And that we do everything as an individual.

[00:17:08] Scott Tungay: We attack as an individual. We defend as an individual, we build as an individual, whereas our enemies are still very much. They understand institution, institution, you know, this started with corporatism back in the 16 hundreds or whatever. A bunch of businessmen were like, well, if we form a company, an institution, we, we, we don’t take any of the risks on for ourselves.

[00:17:31] Scott Tungay: We’re protected from legal stuff. And, and this amazing thing was born called institutional warfare. You know, you can do things as an institution that will get you killed as an individual. Likewise, when you look at Royal families, Royal families never make proclamations. As I say this, it’s we, the Royal we, we, the Royal.

[00:17:53] Scott Tungay: Proclaim this to be law. And when we execute justice, we execute justice. You know, when a policeman is doing his job, he’s not doing his policemen, his police work as you know, uh, Scott Tonga, I’m shooting guys. That’s vigilantism, it’s the badge. It’s it’s. I am I’m, uh, I’m a part of an institution, therefore, and unfortunately, you know, our clan world is, is destroying good institutions, you know?

[00:18:17] Scott Tungay: So cops nowadays. They take the bat of the institution, um, instead of, you know, being protected by this notion that thrown under the bus, but we, as Christians need to understand institutional power. So three or four guys coming together to do a media project, we are now building an institution, you know, three or four guys coming together to do investment project.

[00:18:35] Scott Tungay: They’re not building an institution. Uh, you know, there’s, there’s so much power when guys come together to do something because it’s no longer than me. It’s. You know, and, and there’s this, there’s this insane power. You don’t attack institutions as an individual. You attack institutions as an institution.

[00:18:52] Scott Tungay: And so that’s what I’m really excited about is, is changing that mindset of, of individual. 

[00:18:56] Jared Sparks: Yeah. Yeah, that’s good. Right? Like go for it, man. 

[00:19:00] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah. You mentioned libertarianism and I thought that’s such a good point because I mean, this is the magic statement show our, our, uh, primary target audience is men.

[00:19:09] Riley Adam Voth: Right. And, and for, for many good reasons, uh, because we all believe patriarchal here. Men are the ones that are called by God to lead society and influence society. And I think libertarianism is especially. Alluring to men because when we see things jacked up, it’s easy to start thinking, okay, I’m just going to pull back.

[00:19:29] Riley Adam Voth: I’m going to, I’m going to handle my world and I’m going to take an individualistic, strong approach. And a lot of strong, good men get sucked into libertarianism. I was for a few years. I mean, even just really recently, the last few years, I really got into a lot of libertarian, this takes and was like, really like, okay, this is it.

[00:19:45] Riley Adam Voth: Like, yeah. I love my family. I love my church. I re I see that in the Bible, but like, libertarianism is the way I don’t like what the Republicans are doing. And I liked what the Democrats are doing. And it’s very alerting to men because you can kind of own stuff yourself and say, I’m going to worry about me.

[00:19:59] Riley Adam Voth: You guys worry about you and all hands. And a lot of men do that is the way they work. But I think you’re spot on with like, no, um, the, the world out there against. Understands the power of institutions. And I don’t know if you guys caught this, or if you ever listened to the masculinist or our audience might, uh, Aaron ran with the masculinist newsletter and podcast.

[00:20:22] Riley Adam Voth: I don’t know as catch-all everything he says, and I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I think he has great analysis. And sometimes I think he. I think he, I think he pats people on the shoulder and says, ah, that’s not good when he ought to give him a, a good upper cut to the chin. But I mean, again, different takes different people.

[00:20:38] Riley Adam Voth: I think he does great analysis and I learned a lot from him in, in the way he, he does engage society and stuff, but one of his recent episodes. Was about it. I didn’t realize it was going to be about institutional power. I think that the headline is, and guys could go listen to it again. We’re not all about us.

[00:20:56] Riley Adam Voth: Like, there’s a lot of other great men out there. Go listen to this. If you want. I think it was called if you’re arguing substance, you’ve already lost the fight. And it came out, I think in April. And I was like, that’s an interesting headline. So I listened to it. And what he ended up explaining was what we see is.

[00:21:11] Riley Adam Voth: You can argue facts and substance all day long. If you’re doing that, you’ve probably already lost because of the real power in society is institutional power and leftism gets this. That’s one thing that the super demonic, crazy leftism of clown world, they understand they band together when there’s like 3% or less of the population that actually believes this thing.

[00:21:33] Riley Adam Voth: And most of the popular. Absolutely against it. This little loud group will form institution and affect all the institutions. And then all the institutions are telling us this and all the rest of the country just kind of bows their heads and says, oh, I suppose that’s what everyone wants. I’ll just, you know, whatever.

[00:21:49] Riley Adam Voth: And it’s so true because you can sit here and say, no facts, logic, you know, look at reality and all this. And it’s like, it does not matter because they’ve got the institutional power. They’ve got the persuasion here that comes from. Not just telling you here’s what’s right. Like the power is to actually say here’s what’s right.

[00:22:09] Riley Adam Voth: Here’s what’s wrong. Here’s who’s good. And here’s, who’s bad and most people, and this seems like so demeaning to say this, but it’s just reality. Most people just go, okay, they’re in charge. Therefore that’s what must be. 

[00:22:23] Scott Tungay: It’s a thing of authority, Riley, what you’re describing there, you know, we are hardwired by God to 2, 1, 2 authority.

[00:22:29] Scott Tungay: You know, the, that Centurion comes up to Jesus and he’s like, I’m a man under authority. I say, go. I say, come they come. You know, my higher authority says to me, go, I go, come, I come. We naturally understand this as man authority is built into. And that’s where this thing of the normie, you know, comes along is that we naturally want institutions.

[00:22:49] Scott Tungay: You know, that’s what the churches, the church is an institution. The man who has the pulpit now has the authority and the responsibility to tell people, guys, these are the normal. You know, you should be from the Bible. These are the norms that we are going to follow as an institution. And then you bear the sword.

[00:23:05] Scott Tungay: You, you, you, you punish what is outside the norms and you reward what is inside the norms, you know, same with a business. If you are the leader of the business, here’s the norms of how we operate. You know, if you have a media, w we’re casting a vision, we’re saying to guys, these are the norms. And when people look at these different institutions, they go, is that institution structure.

[00:23:26] Scott Tungay: To protect me if I come under their norms, you know? So you go to some big Ivy league university you’re coming under the norms of that Institute. And if you’re still, uh, you know, trying to live your homeschool know norms that your father was instilling you, this hierarchy is going to punish you. They’re either going to kick you out or they’re going to have reprisals against you.

[00:23:49] Scott Tungay: And it’s like, are you a king? Can you just, you know, just I’ll take it. I can take it because I’m a king, like not many of us have that energy from that young to be like, yeah, I can take it. And I’m just going to be in this institution and take the authority on most of us, just like, okay. Uh, I’ll just bow to authority because there’s no other authority elsewhere that is going to protect me from this reprisal.

[00:24:11] Scott Tungay: Hmm. 

[00:24:13] Jared Sparks: Yeah, that’s good stuff. And when we think about libertarianism and the idea of I can take care of myself, I’m autonomous, I’m my own authority. I think there’s several factors that are, that are missed, that, you know, the kingdoms that we build are not ultimately for us, that we are men under authority.

[00:24:29] Jared Sparks: You know, we do have a king that’s above us and we have a mission that’s beyond. And so, so often that trap is I’m hearing you guys talk it’s about, it ends up being about getting mine. What I want, getting my vision to come to fruition. It’s not casting off responsibility. Each of us will have to carry our own load.

[00:24:46] Jared Sparks: We all have burdens to bear as we bear one another’s burdens, but this, this mission that God has given us and why we need each other is because we have a global and eternal vision that God has given us. That’s not going to come back until the consummation of all things. It’s not going to end until the consummation of all things.

[00:25:01] Jared Sparks: And then we have delegated authority. For eternity so that the final state includes, still includes authority. It still includes reigning and ruling, but until then we have we’re were men under authority and we have our marching orders and we’ve got to follow those marching orders for the good of the world.

[00:25:16] Jared Sparks: Good of our family, good of ourselves and the good of the world. And so I think that that’s so true that that being able to bond together band together to do this mission together, that we all have something as we follow Jesus. And while we all don’t need visionaries, because Jesus is a really good visionary and he has given us a mission to follow.

[00:25:33] Jared Sparks: We don’t have to come up with our own mission. We don’t have to come up with this as practical implications for us as a church, you won’t find at our church a mission statement or a vision statement because Christ has given us a mission, a vision statement, a mission statement. And so we get in line. Our visionary.

[00:25:48] Jared Sparks: So the institution that we want to be build within our church or congregation, if we want it to be for the good of the city first for the good of our families, for the good of our city, for the good of the world. And it goes out from there. And I think that’s, that’s the same thing with, you know, there is no secular sacred divide.

[00:26:02] Jared Sparks: So any institutions that are built this isn’t simply for us, it’s not just for ourselves. 

[00:26:08] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, I, okay. So the really cool thing, you know, you mentioned this at the start. Is that most of the men in the honor, God network. And I just want to speak to the, again, the caliber of the men here, because exactly what you’re saying there, Jared is like, this is what the men get in the honor, God network.

[00:26:24] Riley Adam Voth: This is what makes all these guys so. Potent in their domains and powerful in their, in their domains and their ministries and their families. They get that there is a king above them that they serve, who already has all authority on the earth. And it’s funny, cause like even 20, 20 I’ve joked and said 2020 seemed like such a terrible year.

[00:26:44] Riley Adam Voth: Right. I saw more men become post-meal in 2020. Ever, and it was amazing. It was like sort of this ironic thing that happened where these guys were like, okay, look, the world is in shambles. Everything seems to be falling apart. And everyone was like, you know, joking, like Sherlock’s, pre-meal now you guys still post-meal.

[00:27:00] Riley Adam Voth: And all these guys were like, well, I wasn’t until this year. And it was just crazy. Cause like, I mean, and that was me too. I’ve I’ve often joked that. I I’ve been saying for like two years, I’m about a month or two away from coming out as full on post-meal. And I’ve been saying that for like two years now, but it’s funny because that is my default.

[00:27:17] Riley Adam Voth: Like, you know, I can’t explain every facet of it as well as a lot of guys in the network can, but it’s it’s my default operating mode is, is again, Christ has all authority let’s act like it. And instead of. What evangelicalism in America has been for the last century, which is like, let’s just kind of plead with you and be winsome enough and like, try to convince you, like, like maybe don’t you see how great it would be if you, if you came under his authority.

[00:27:43] Riley Adam Voth: There’s a lot of men here that have started stepping up and saying, no, let’s just like tell you that you are under his authority, whether you like it or not. It’s, it’s probably just time you go ahead and bow your knee and improve society. Cause look, look how it’s working with when you’re not acknowledging that.

[00:27:58] Riley Adam Voth: And this is what’s so amazing is most of the guys in the audit God network, I, I can’t speak for all of them. I don’t know if they’re all posting. But the majority of them are. And it’s a funny thing, cause it’s not like, you know, we would, uh, we would welcome a solid biblical man in that’s not, but this is the take that you’re going to hear a lot.

[00:28:14] Riley Adam Voth: And that’s why I’m saying this. You’re going to hear from, from the guys in the network and many of the guests we bring on this stance. We are taking this world because, because it’s already been won, like there is a king who is over all of it. And the original tagline of the match. These men was adopted sons and heirs of the kingdom.

[00:28:33] Riley Adam Voth: Like it’s time we start acting like that. Cause we haven’t been, 

[00:28:37] Scott Tungay: yeah, that’s really good. And also to speak into what, what you’re hitting on there. Raleigh, as well as that, it’s such an assortment of men we’ve been so conditioned, you know, Purity spiral against guys who don’t believe exactly what we believe, you know?

[00:28:51] Scott Tungay: And it’s like, oh, you wear green to church. Well, when we’re done, you know, and it’s like, whatever, our little purity spirals are. I think we’re getting to this place with, with the honor God network, which is great because it’s not a church. You know, it is good to have certain purity spirals within a church, you know?

[00:29:09] Scott Tungay: Cause it’s like chaps, this is our local. Uh, a fellowship. Like we have to kind of believe, you know, 90 10 over here, but because we’re not a church where we’re at, we’re a network of men. We’re, we’re, we’re basically a, a war HQ, you know, it’s like chaps, there’s a war going on. We can, we can kind of get by with what are the things that we all agree on right now?

[00:29:32] Scott Tungay: You know, patriarchy w. You know, uh, Christ as king, we are not victims. You know, you’re going to have this broad array of guys and it’s like, yes, these guys were agreeing to church on a Sunday. I don’t agree with it, but by God or they’re fighting, let’s fight together. And I think we’re going to deal with this purity spiraling kind of, uh, peace time, uh, junk that has gone on for the last, however many years.

[00:29:55] Scott Tungay: And kind of forge ahead with guys who, who, you know, I’m I would, I probably would never go to church with them, but, but man, do I enjoy fighting with them? 

[00:30:05] Jared Sparks: Yeah. That’s that’s so good. I mean, think about John MacArthur. Think about James CO’s. I’m thinking about my buddy, my buddy, Joey Hawkins down in Ana. 30 minutes south of where we’re at.

[00:30:16] Jared Sparks: He’s a Christian Church guy, guy, John MacArthur’s a dispensationalist, you know, I used to have a love, hate relationship with Johnny Mac. I still kind of do. I think everybody probably does. I mean, you see James coats, he he’s a, he’s a dispensational premillennial guy as well, I believe. And yet both of them are coming under the Lordship of Christ and saying what Jesus says goes, I don’t care.

[00:30:38] Jared Sparks: The magistrates above me say, and even if people have not read Matthew, true hell is Dr. The lesser magistrates, even if they’re not quoting Rushdoony, which everybody is right now. And for good reasons, even if they’re not, they don’t have the patriarchal language. People are finding people across denominational lines who are standing and saying, you know what, the last year I’m done playing games, whatever, whatever the scriptures tell me to do, I’ve got my art, my marching orders.

[00:31:01] Jared Sparks: And I honestly, I do not care. At all, what anyone thinks I want to honor the Lord that is I’m going to excite. So I’m thinking about, you know, as you’re talking about the, these, these periods, the spheres or whatever, you see that everywhere. I mean, how many people have come together across denominational lines and recognized, or even in the SPC, what we’re dealing with right now, I give me an Armenian that, that hates Calvinism.

[00:31:22] Jared Sparks: You know, that that is anti Calvinistic, but he loves the scriptures and he wants the churches to meet on Sunday morning, even when their mayors are telling them not to. Okay, I’m going to get in the trenches with that guy, because I know he’s going to. For the basics of honoring the Lord and the Lord’s day gathering, he’s going to, he’s going to be willing to fight.

[00:31:39] Jared Sparks: And for a guy that’s willing to fight versus, you know, a guy like, like, you know, the nine marks guys who were taking this diplomatic approach and not gathering for eight months because they’re going through the appeals process of the courts. Give me the guy that’s willing to fight over. You know, guys that I’ve learned from like mark Devore and Jonathan Leeman, Lee Lehman for a decade.

[00:31:57] Jared Sparks: Give me the guy over here. That is, you know, getting cuffs on and going in the cop car because he’s willing to honor the Lord, you know, and that’s what we’re finding. 

[00:32:08] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, absolutely. You know, when I was saying at the start, it would be awesome to be known as the sons of Iscar are recorded in scripture of men of understanding, like who can understand the times and.

[00:32:21] Riley Adam Voth: Israel a lot to do. Here’s how you become that. It’s the fear of the Lord. Like we are told the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy one is under. That’s how you get there. So it goes back to Jared. You were saying this earlier, you feared God, not man. And that’s how you grow and understanding and wisdom.

[00:32:38] Riley Adam Voth: And what we have seen far too much of is really a fear of man. That’s been cloaked in a lot of noble things like Jared, you always say like, you know, the, you know, public witness and all these like kind of noble sounding love your neighbor sort of things. And it’s, and it’s been really deceptive. I mean, it worked on me for years and years.

[00:32:56] Riley Adam Voth: Uh, where I would read stuff in scripture and then I’d go to society and have to like sugarcoat it. And it was the way I was taught. Like we gotta be, I mean, even we, we said this for a long time with management, we want to be winsome. We want to, you know, and it’s still like, yeah, be as winsome as you can.

[00:33:12] Riley Adam Voth: But we also have to, we also have to acknowledge that the world is going to hate you and you need to fear the Lord more than you fear, man. And you will never be winsome enough for that to dynamic, to not be a play. And so again, I would just say, maybe I shouldn’t get into this, but this is what this is going to be.

[00:33:30] Riley Adam Voth: Something that we do on the show is we talk about some current events and some, some timely things that are happening and applied timeless stuff. Well, this week the SBC just had the meeting, right? The biggest Protestant denomination in this country. And we don’t have to get into all that. That could be another show, another time or something.

[00:33:45] Riley Adam Voth: But, but just as a, as an example, as a point of example, what I’m saying here, um, JD group, Who I voted for once upon a time. Cause he was, he was like, what you’re saying? Like he was one of those like, uh, mark Devore, solid guide, Judy Greer. He’s a solid guy. Right? He, he checks all the right boxes of things he believes, but we just watched this slow motion train wreck for last three years of JD Greer’s leadership and like bowing and, and to, to the cultural zeitgeist and like doing things that were like, what, like, come on, man.

[00:34:15] Riley Adam Voth: Like get a spine and stand strong here. Well, anyway, on his, uh, exit speeds. Which again, we don’t need to get in all. This is just one little example. Here is on his leaving speech. I saw this quote from him where he said, I want to say it exactly right. But basically it was like when the Christians get in bed with politics, we have babies that don’t look like.

[00:34:37] Riley Adam Voth: And I saw, I saw pastors and like men older and probably in many ways, greater men than I being like, oh, what a fire quote and all this stuff. And I saw that and I was like, man, that would have worked on me even like five, six in the last decade of my life that would have worked. I would’ve been like, oh, that’s good.

[00:34:54] Riley Adam Voth: But praise the Lord. I’ve grown in understanding to the point where I can say that. Ignorant. And we need to be men that aren’t afraid to say names, say JD Greer. That is some dumb stuff. You’ve said a lot of dumb things. And last few years in, in the effort to be winsome to the culture. And that is dumb.

[00:35:12] Riley Adam Voth: It’s not only dumb. Um, it’s hypocritical because I mean, I was sitting there. I was thinking, okay, maybe someone should tell him about the Erse there’s this whole, like multi-million dollar branch of the SBC. That’s all about engaging in politics, but, but, and maybe that’s why it was so ineffective the last few years.

[00:35:29] Riley Adam Voth: It wasn’t there. And Russell Moore is just here to get conservatives riled up and talk against Trump or something. But, but anyway, I was just thinking, um, the fear of the Lord allows you to look at that and say, no, no, no. It’s our neglect of politics and our fear of man that has allowed these bad babies that don’t look like our father to be made.

[00:35:51] Riley Adam Voth: Politics is just your religion played out in the public square. And so that is what it means to like engage things with understanding and just be like, no, that sounds right. And noble, but it’s not, it’s missing stuff. Yeah. 

[00:36:05] Scott Tungay: And I think as well, it’s very important, you know, cause I’ve been in a Baptist church twice in my life, maybe three times.

[00:36:10] Scott Tungay: So you know it, you know, a lot of guys like, well, why, you know, Scott, why are you interested in what goes on at the HPC? Because if you don’t, if you don’t learn from other men’s institutional battles, you’re gonna, you’re just gonna be like, well, that will never, you know, cause it all it started with the Methodists.

[00:36:25] Scott Tungay: Everyone was like, oh, it’s just the Methodist. Just leave them alone. And it’s like, no, no, no. What happens down there is going to eventually come to your, you know, it’s like, oh, they’ve got an alligator. That’s fine. You know, as long as it eats me last and it’s like, well, now it’s coming to eat you. And I think it is important to critique other man’s institutions.

[00:36:41] Scott Tungay: You know, a lot of guys like, oh brother, that’s not very Christian. You know, were you there? Did do you know these guys you’re not allowed to slander them? It’s like, no, no, no. We are watching in real time. Institutional warfare, institutional subversion capture weaponization. In real time, you know, of an institution that is supposed to be radically right-wing as far as the natural, uh, ways of God, uh, you know, cause if you read off the natural ways of God, like people will call you an assay.

[00:37:13] Scott Tungay: That’s like, you’re a radical, right-wing like Christian, you mean Christian? Right. So we’re looking at all these Christian institutions. And we’re seeing them subverted of a, you know, the last 20 years. Uh, but even real time, like you said, you know, it was like, oh man, in real time, we’re seeing institutional warfare happening in front of our eyes are the scales are coming off of our eyes because you know, just three, four years ago we would have gone along with this.

[00:37:38] Scott Tungay: We’re like, oh, he’s a great guy. And we’ve got to have a good witness. And you know, we can’t be. And I think, I think, you know, we’re looking for these men of like, give us men of courage who will say no and stand up in these institutions and be like, we don’t care what the world says. We don’t care how many articles New York times writes about us.

[00:37:55] Scott Tungay: Uh, Christianity today writes about us. We’re going back. We’re going back to God’s word. We’re going back to, uh, patriarchy dominion, uh, no more victim hood. And, uh, you know, you look at, at other guys institutions, we have to start taking. You know, we have to start lending a hand. You know, if you see another Christian man’s institution to be subverted, you can be like, Hey man, I’m seeing some stuff.

[00:38:18] Scott Tungay: They’re like, can we lend a hand? You know, let’s get involved in each other’s institutions to, to help 

[00:38:23] Jared Sparks: out. Yeah. And I think with the J D Greer comments, the irony is it was dumb, but the irony is. It’s exactly. What’s been happening from his side. If we talk about sides and just get gut level, honest, where everybody knows what we’re talking about here, there’s there’s sides, there’s always sides and their sides and the SPC.

[00:38:43] Jared Sparks: And I think, you know, if you say things, for instance, like, uh, sodomy is evil, abortion is murder across the board, even in extreme cases where the mom’s going to lose her life. Okay. Every mother and every father should willingly lay to lay their life down for. I mean, it’s, it’s a no brainer. If you say those two things, you’re going to be labeled as radical, right.

[00:39:06] Jared Sparks: You’re going to be later labeled as divisive. So if you just take a basic Christian ethic on those two issues alone, you’re going to be the alt-right crazy. And we’ve gotta be okay with embracing that. Who cares? What people think. Here’s what I think is happening. Guys. Let me, let me tell me what you think about this.

[00:39:21] Jared Sparks: If we just break down the character of Christ. Lion and lamb use these metaphors. A lot of guys have done this. I think this is helpful. I’ve been going through the gospel of John week by week and showing and showing us how to learn pastoral ministry from Jesus. And you have these pictures of Jesus who weeps and talks with Mary and Martha, but the Jesus who also the same, Jesus turns over to.

[00:39:45] Jared Sparks: And what ends up happening is a minimum minimization of the, of the character of Christ. When you have a Canon within a Canon about who Jesus is and what his character is, you have the love, your neighbor dominance nonsense, which does anybody agree that we should, we should not love our neighbor. We should clearly love our neighbor, but sometimes the best way to love our neighbor is to turn over that table and to make the whip.

[00:40:05] Jared Sparks: What’s happening, I think is those who believe in a fully orb Jesus who are approaching things in this world, in clown world with a fully Christ-like way, from those who have minimized Jesus’s character into only the lamb. Love your neighbor. They’re looking on to those who have this more biblical and more robust version and, and biblical view of who Jesus is, who are trying to walk.

[00:40:26] Jared Sparks: In his footsteps. And they’re saying you’re just mean you’re mean because you’re actually being Christ-like and we’re looking at, we see that through the gospel of John everywhere, where people are picking up stones to kill Jesus. And so if you do that, if you walk in his footsteps and that’s what we’re, we’re, we’re saying with this honor, God, God, group of men, as it’s a group of men saying, bring on the.

[00:40:45] Jared Sparks: We don’t, as Tozer says, we’re w we’re trying to not fear any man that breathes with mortal breath because we fear the Lord and he’s in charge of us. We want the honor that comes from God, not the honor that comes from men. And after all, Jesus tells us if anyone is ashamed of me and my words I’ll be ashamed of him before my father in heaven, before the holy.

[00:41:03] Jared Sparks: And so being ashamed of the word of God is not an option for us. It’s just not there. So I see these at work and in all the warfare that’s going on, and these dichotomies is a minimization of who Jesus is. And as, as men, if we actually try to follow our master as, as Kings ourselves, then we’re just going to walk.

[00:41:18] Jared Sparks: We’re going to be called alt-right, we’re going to be called racists. We’re going to be called all those things. And you know what, who cares? 

[00:41:24] Riley Adam Voth: Right. Well, you know too, I’ll say this, the, both the lamb, you know, picture of Jesus and the lion picture of. Are both political. They’re both everything. Like they affect every sphere of life.

[00:41:38] Riley Adam Voth: There is no domain or sphere of life, an aspect of life that. God’s word and Christ himself doesn’t rule over and apply to like it affects everything. And so, so, I mean, again, we’re just going to sound like we’re just beating up on JD Greer, but this whole idea of like let’s Christians let’s stay out of politics.

[00:41:58] Riley Adam Voth: Like this is going to be something that we talk a lot about on this is again, politics, like I said a second ago. It’s just your religion played out in the public, in the public domain and, and that’s, that’s why a secular Darwinistic atheistic world has this. Clown religion playing out in front of us. And you are always, at all times you are, uh, Putting your morality on society.

[00:42:24] Riley Adam Voth: Somebody is, it’s just a question of whose morality. And so you are always legislating morality. And we have as Christians neglected to legislate our morality. And because we’re trying to be like, Jesus, the lamb. Well, Jesus, the lamb is who took authority for Jesus, the lion, you know, to use that, that false dichotomy, they are the same, like they are.

[00:42:44] Riley Adam Voth: And so it’s always going to be political. It’s always going to have. Your society, you know, th the, the poet, the politics all around you and all the people. So, 

[00:42:56] Scott Tungay: yeah, that’s good. You know, cause I think, again, you look institutionally, you know, what is the SBC? It’s an institution with enormous power to bear a sword, you know, in, in, uh, the norms of society.

[00:43:10] Scott Tungay: You know? So if, if during the lockdowns, you know, an S the SBC, whoever the head of the SBC was had come out and said, Hey, You know, we think this is a scam, you know, and besides, as Christians, we don’t fear death. We don’t fear disease. You know, no disease will come and I’m not willing. That’s the Christian stance to this thing.

[00:43:29] Scott Tungay: And so we’re going to, as an institution say that is our stance, churches, open people do your thing. Uh, and we, as an institution are willing to go Hawk into the public sphere. That’s the, the, the offensive. Uh, you know, the, the bearing, the sword kind of leadership that we want. You know, you look at the, down in Florida, people are flocking there not to live in the nice sunshine.

[00:43:51] Scott Tungay: Yes. It’s nice sunshine. There’s no taxes, you know, blah, blah, blah, all the nice things. No, they want a king. They want to go live where there’s a king who is bearing the sword for righteousness. It’s the same with any institution. If there’s a king who is bearing the social righteousness, people are going to flock to that institution because they see there’s a king, like.

[00:44:11] Scott Tungay: You know, and it’s, it’s that whole thing. Again, another analogy is be gentle as doves, but wise as serpents, you know? And so often we just, all, we’re just a gentle death. We just a gentle death and it’s was like, no, we also need to be a wise as a serpent and kind of like get some bite. 

[00:44:27] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah, it’s good. 

[00:44:28] Jared Sparks: It is very good.

[00:44:29] Jared Sparks: Hey guys, we’ve been at this for a while. I think this is a great episode. I think it really sets the. For where we’re going to be going for everybody listening in. Thanks so much for being here. Go ahead and share the sh I mean, you guys have heard the names you’ve got, you probably know some of these guys, this is going to be a really helpful show.

[00:44:43] Jared Sparks: Go ahead and subscribe. Share. Let people know about the show. I mean, posted everywhere. You can post it. We’re on gab. We’re on Twitter. We’re on Facebook wherever you can. You’ve got it. Share it. Uh, I would love to hear from. From you Scott, about king energy before we wrap it up and then I want to toss it right back to you, Riley, to collect your thoughts about anything else about the Majesty’s man about the show.

[00:45:08] Jared Sparks: And then we’ll, we’ll finish this first episode, but let’s hear let’s let’s, let’s get some king energy it’s already been coming out, but I want to hear about Scott us. Yeah. 

[00:45:15] Scott Tungay: I think you speak to a lot of guys and they’re like, oh man, we’re just praying for Jesus to come back brother. Or like just waiting for the Raptor brother, you know?

[00:45:23] Scott Tungay: And. Earth is going to hell in a hand basket. And it’s like, that’s all victim slave energy, like that’s victim mindset, you know? So Jesus, when he’s ascending, you know, I’m sure Peter is over there. Like, oh God done leave me and Jesus like Peter, it’s better that I go, it’s better that I go so that the comforter may come up because you’re going to be doing some uncomfortable things.

[00:45:47] Scott Tungay: You are a king who I am king off, you know, Jesus Christ is the king of Kings. Who are the Kings that he is king off it’s us. We are the sons, the adopted EHRs, um, to, to be on earth as the image of Christ. And so, you know, you, you, you’ve got to drop this energy of like, oh God, come save me. He already has saved you.

[00:46:07] Scott Tungay: So now we, we do what he has asked us to do, you know? So whether that’s stewarding creation, whether that’s discipling the next. We have work to do here, you know, it’s Adam 2.0 Jesus. Didn’t come to, you know, save us and then take us all, you know, you might, you know, say the sinner’s prayer and they get shot in the head because so many Christians are just living in a, in a current hell because we’re not being equipped to crush the devil under our feet here on earth, you know, it’s, it might as well just say the sentence, prayer and die.

[00:46:36] Scott Tungay: So you can go to heaven. It’s like no guys heaven on earth Eden. 2.0, 

[00:46:42] Jared Sparks: um, Love it. King energy baby. Hashtag it, put it out there, get it. Don’t leave home without it. Get that king energy. All right, Riley finished it off, man. 

[00:46:52] Riley Adam Voth: Yeah. You know, and that’s, I want to say this on the, on that king energy idea. This is what I love.

[00:46:57] Riley Adam Voth: I’m in about both of you guys and why Jared? I think also you’re just a great. Person to be heading up the show, both of you. And really this is true of every guy in the network. I would, I would use this word for every guy we have in the network are just undaunted by societal stuff. Like you go at things with positive energy and you’re like, let’s take.

[00:47:16] Riley Adam Voth: Let’s go to battle. And I mean, I think this is true for everyone in the network. This is one of the things that’s so amazing and inspiring about the guys in the network and all the guests we’re going to have on. You’ll see this guys. Uh, these are guys that are just undaunted by the societal craziness out there.

[00:47:31] Riley Adam Voth: And we need more of that as men, because we all have the day is I’m pretty high in. Let’s take the world. We’re going to take over, but we all have the days where it’s just like so much, and you’re just like, today I’m discouraged. I need a brother to just like, I need to, I need to tap into his energy today and be like, yeah, that’s right.

[00:47:46] Riley Adam Voth: Like we are winning. We are winning and these guys are missing. Are winning in all their domains, their spheres of life, they’re their families. They have small like battles that they don’t perform perfectly. And we’re all learning as we go here, but we need a lot more examples of guys that are willing to come at things with king energy and fight.

[00:48:05] Riley Adam Voth: And even if they don’t do it perfect, at least they’re trying. Cause I want to learn from the guys who are trying to fight, who are trying to take dominion. You are trying to do things instead of always being. No, no, no, that’s not good enough. Well, if you’re not doing anything, don’t come tell us it’s not good enough.

[00:48:19] Riley Adam Voth: Right. Like, and this is, what’s so exciting and I’m so pumped for this show and for, you know, Jared, for you to be hosting this, I think you’re great at like rallying guys and coming with that positive energy and Scott, obviously you are too. And so I love the king energy. And I was going to say this, uh, most people know, um, I’m going to just name drop the cultural pariah himself.

[00:48:40] Riley Adam Voth: The biggest one, Doug Wilson has wrote he’s a master of application of theology to real world. And, uh, he wrote a book a few years ago called rules for reformers. That just really set me on fire. And, uh, Jared, you and I have talked a lot about this. I, I, I finished it and immediately started reading again because.

[00:48:59] Riley Adam Voth: Where’s this been all my life. Nobody, nobody speaks like this and it’s phenomenal book. I’d recommend all of you guys read it. If you can’t afford it, send me a message. I’ll buy it and send it to you. But, uh, he had a line in there that, you know, he said it just has stuck with me. And I think about it all the time.

[00:49:16] Riley Adam Voth: And uh, he said, Too, many of us are always trying to put out the fires that like the lefties start into that the clown world creates. And, uh, he said more of us need to wake up each morning and think, how can I start a fire today that they have to put out? And that’s what I want to be about. And I want us to be thinking like that all the time.

[00:49:35] Riley Adam Voth: And, and, and that’s what this show is going to be about. Like, let’s talk about how we start fires that they have to worry about and we become. That they look at our families and these godly churches and institutions were building and businesses taking over the city and making everything better and everyone loves it.

[00:49:51] Riley Adam Voth: And they’re like, oh crap. What are we going to do about these guys? And we start some fires that they worry about. And so I’ll just, I’ll end with this too. If you guys want to give input the audience, listening guys, go to the match. This show will be featured right at the top. You’re not gonna be able to miss it.

[00:50:07] Riley Adam Voth: I’m going to put a little thing there. If you guys want to ask questions, you want to have input. You want us to talk about things, invite guests on. If you guys have stories of guys that are crushing it in their domains and doing wealth or standing up against persecution and. Send those in. We want to engage with the audience a lot with this and get a lot of input.

[00:50:25] Riley Adam Voth: This is going to be a communal thing. That’s going to be awesome. So go to the Majesty’s You’ll see all of that by the time this is posted. And so this is going to be fun. I’m excited. 

[00:50:35] Jared Sparks: Indeed. Guys is the majesty man show. I’ve been talking with co-hosts Riley votes and Scott Tungay. Thanks for being on the show!

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