New Founding And A Positive Vision For America With Nate Fischer

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New Founding And A Positive Vision For America With Nate Fischer

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Nate Fischer, Riley Adam Voth, Jared Sparks


Overview Of Topics And Points

This is a fun convo for those of us interested in enterprise, building institutions, and better engaging our society with a positive vision we’re creating. Nate Fischer and his multi-faceted organization, New Founding, is doing just this. While we have our differences in the way we operate — namely, all we build and do is expressly protestant Christian — Nate is a Christian brother who is putting his money and skills to work to form and lead a movement in a Christianity-based, anti-clown-world direction. We need more of that. So we were excited for the opportunity to hear how and why New Founding was formed, what they’re doing, and how we can help.

Talking Points

We learn about Nate Fischer and how he gained the resources and drive to form the New Founding institution.

We talk about how what is commonly called “the conservative right” has been desperately lacking positive vision for a long while. We let the Left set the vision and we simply try to slow it down at best. This isn’t the American way. It’s why we’re losing.

Nate explains how New Founding is a “venture organization” which is formed to set a positive vision, and then form other organizations,

Amplify your idea driven thesis with media. Communicate your ideas in compelling ways.

We talk about their Align newsletter, which is promoting and creating an economy which rejects woke capital.

We talk about their media property, Return, which deals with life as a human in the digital age.

Aaron Renn has joined their team. They’ll be creating a men’s lifestyle media org called American Man along with a woman’s version called American Woman.

They have formed Firebrand, a digital media SuperPAC.

They have formed American Reformer, which is a media company to form a vision of where the American church, and the country and society at whole, needs to go.

They have formed Principle Investments, a growth equity fund, to back and support entrepreneurs who align with the values of New Founding.

They are building technology organizations to build the digital infrastructure for the new America.

They are building American Forum, what they call a “digital commonwealth,” for the good of its members. Something similar to a search engine.

Don’t just build copycat tech. Build something new which will bring value to people who can create the vision.

We discuss how New Founding isn’t necessarily an explicitly Christian company, but how Nate himself is unashamedly Christian and views their media property, American Reformer, as an anchor point which does and will provide some governance for the vision of New Founding.

Nate explains how any tech platform you create is necessarily a request for political leadership and influence.

To gain political leadership and influence, there must be coalitions formed to create a scale large enough to achieve it.

America needs to be a Christian country to survive. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a state-church combo.

Any tech and algorithm must be anchored to values.

Christianity is the center point, but it doesn’t mean we can’t form partnerships to achieve our aims.

You can’t be a “conservative” without knowing what you’re conserving, but we also need a progressive, bold, positive vision to a society which is more righteous.

We talk about why American Reformer was formed to renew the church, so that the church can ultimately renew society at large. It engages a more historical protestant understanding of politics and culture and how Christianity should shape those.

We must fight to maintain the integrity of any institution that calls itself Christian, and not just maintain, but take ground. This goes for even mainline churches who preach heresy.

We discussed why Nate started this and some of the strategy to make it happen, and how he is funding taking a lot of risks w

We talk about how when you raise money, you get expectations put on you which doesn’t allow for as much flexibility. Some of the ventures will be for-profit, and some will be non-profit. New Founding will have to raise some money at some point for many of the ventures.

It’s important to be set up to move quickly and take opportunities.

We discuss Align, the newsletter, and their aim to promote companies who don’t hate you and your anti-woke and traditional American values. This couples with Principle Investments, which will help those companies who have been abandoned by the woke, ESG (environmental social governance) driven, clown world.

Principle Investments will invest in companies we need more of which better our country.

We wind up discussing how the men who make up The Majesty’s Men and our tribe are the key audience for New Founding. We as men will shape the reform and renewal of a new, more Godly and healthy society.

Nate tells us the ways we can get involved and support the New Founding endeavors.

Resources Mentioned


American Reformer

American Man and American Woman – Coming Soon

American Firebrand

Align Newsletter

American Forum – Coming Soon

Principle Investments


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