What Is This “Christendom 2.0” We Speak Of?

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What Is This "Christendom 2.0" We Speak Of?

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Joshua Jenkins, Riley Adam Voth, Jared Sparks

Overview Of Topics And Points

When you hear guys in our tribe talking about Christendom, and specifically, building Christendom 2.0, do you wonder, “Okay, what is this term actually referring to and where does it come from?” Well then this conversation is for you. We speak with HNR.GD Network member, pastor Joshua Jenkins, of Hope Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. Joshua and the men of his church have hosted a “Christendom Conference” for two years and has been talking about building Christendom for even longer. So Joshua, Jared, and Riley have a fun conversation about this concept and explain what this term is all about, why we use it, and what we can all do about it.

Christendom is defined by Google as “the prevailing of Christianity.” Christendom is when all spheres of society are submitted to the authority of scripture.

All domains of society declare that Christ is King.

We discuss how Christians have made all things spiritual into a personal, spiritual rule,

The resurrection was a physical embodiment, not just a spiritual rising from death.

Jesus rose on earth and said all authority on earth has been given to him.

We discuss what Christendom 1.0 was and how we define 1.0 and now 2.0.

When anti-christ academics call it the “dark ages” we should know to see it as the opposite.

Christendom is built on three spheres of authority: family, church, and state. When any of these are compromised and fail, they all begin to fail, and Christendom suffers and eventually falls.

We discuss the effects of the Civil War and its negative consequences across all spheres in our society, and the terrible fruit of government overreach, public schools, and more which have rotted our society.

We talk about the theological lineage of Kuyper, Van Til, Rushdooney, Greg Bahnsen, Gary North, Douglas Wilson, and more. And we discuss why these men and many of their thoughts are so resented.

The American church is short on testosterone. We are an extremely feminized society. The Kuyperian theological approach requires people to confront the false gods of the age as well as get to work and take action. So it doesn’t mesh well with our soft and pampered society.

We have given over a Christian heritage as a nation and it takes a lot of confrontation now. We need more courage. We need more men doing work.

Having God’s law and Christ’s kingship reigning over our society is most loving to our neighbors.

We as patriarchs must carry people to this vision, even as we’re maligned and slandered, even by fellow Christians, because we know this is what is ultimately best for the good of all people.

Christendom 2.0 is about making disciples of the pure gospel truth. We have to preach the death and resurrection of Christ as literally happening. We have to convert people who think this is literally crazy talk and don’t know anyone personally who actually believes it.

We have to be bold as pastors. Those who are then converted will be converted into a bold and unashamed Christianity. This will lay the foundation for Christendom 2.0.

When we keep our kids and train them up and educate them in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord, and when we form institutions that work for the glory of God, then we’ll know we’re building Christendom 2.0.

Pockets of people are beginning to think this way. When the pockets of people begin to economically and socially help each other out and work together and support one another, we will be building Christendom.

“God is building while things are burning.” That’s a fire quote from Jared Sparks.

Practical things we can do:

  • Build where you are if you can and you have the people to do it.
  • Move if you need to find the community.
  • Think about how to work, trade, and socially support tribally.
  • Work with other Christians to start businesses.
  • Take over churches who are heretical, demonic, and stupid.

Seriously, retake terrible churches with a group of people and take that building and assets, and retake ground for God’s glory. See it as a good thing. Play the liberal game and beat them at it. Bless the faithful few who are in the dying liberal churches. Those churches are making a mockery of Christ. So retake it, righteously.

Be wise and cunning, seize power for the glory of God and good of people.

Unbiblical church polity has deteriorated our church in our society.

We wrap up by sharing a lot of resources.

Resources Mentioned

Book: A Biblical Philosophy of History by R. J. Rushdoony

Book: Empires Of Dirt by Douglas Wilson

The Spine Strengthening Doctrines of Patriarchy and Postmillenialism 

Christendom Conference by Hope Baptist Church of Springfield, Mo

HopeBaptistSpringfield.com Recommended Reading

Post Christendom Conference panel discussion on Statism and Manhood with Jared Sparks


Book: The Confessional County by Raymond Simmons

Book: Masculine Christianity by Zachary Garris

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