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Glorifying God. Maximizing Men. Creating Christendom.

Conversations with men from across the HNR.GD Network, as well as special guests, on important and timely topics for Christian men. We are unashamedly biblical and, as such, patriarchal men of God taking dominion and building Christendom for the glory of King Jesus and love of our neighbor as well as raising a righteous ruckus in joyful warfare against those who mock our God and oppose our people. This isn’t the typical wanna-be-Big-Eva nice-guy chats. This is brotherly yet bold and unembarrassed—applying every bit of God’s word to every bit of God’s world for the good of all people. This is man, seeking to protect, provide, and preside as we are made to—staying dangerous, but pursuing goodness; honoring God in all we do. This is masculine Christianity. Join us in the fight and the fun!

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Joyful Truth Telling Amid Pagan Clown Yelling

Gabriel Hughes, Brian Sauvé, and Jared Sparks, three bold, biblical, and based pastors, discuss a reality Gabriel and Brian are very familiar with: getting our modern, feminist, “progressive,” clown-world, and their all-too regular cobelligerents of Big Evangelicalism, riled up and angry because you said a basic, biblical truth too clearly and pointedly in the online public spheres. How do you handle it joyfully and keep at it, and why?

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The Importance Of Owned Space

Jared Sparks, Bo Hutches, and Brian Sauvé address the increasingly popular and vital topic of “owned space,” as well as the directly related topics of localized culture creation and men taking dominion across many spheres rather than being recruited to become pastors.

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