How You Can Make This Next Year Great

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make next year great

I believe one of the most important tenants of being a Godly man is a man who plans and executes. I love what Proverbs 16:3 says: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” God wants us to have plans and He wants to be a part of them.

And as we enter a new year, a season where everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions and dreams, I wanted to talk with my brothers on how to make this year one of the best years ever.

Every year, I take some time to take stock of my life. During this last year, what worked and what didn’t? What did I love or hate? I take a moment to really sit with God and listen to what He is speaking to me about this next season of life and then I start moving with a plan.

So let’s make it really simple. It’s important for you to work through the following when it comes to your life.


Have vision. I like to define vision as the answer to the question, “What do you want for your life?”

Have you ever taken a moment to answer that question? Maybe you have answers like, “I want to be married with children” or “Graduate with my bachelors”. Whatever the answer is, start there. That is vision.

My life motto is “The vision that I have for my life determines that parameters that I live by.” Vision drives everything. It drives your motivation. Your next steps. Your relational steps. Your financial decisions. Everything.

If that is the case, then, vision without action is simply a dream. So, the next thing I want you to look at is actionable steps.


What MUST you do in order to achieve the goal, reach the vision? If you want a wife, you’ve got to find a girl who is willing to date you. If she is going to say yes, she’s probably going to want to make sure you have a job and a plan. If you are wanting to finish college, what classes must you take this semester or next? You get the picture. What are the next steps?

But action is pointless if there isn’t a deadline. Action without a deadline is a recipe for disaster. Deadlines create the drive to get it done. So what deadlines do you need to place on your action items?


These must be realistic. You’re not in a race against others. So make your deadlines manageable and realistic for you. What can you actually achieve in 2017?

Take some time even now to look at all of the things you want in 2017. I believe God is speaking to you about some big things in particular and He is waiting on you to step into them.

What is God calling you to? Listen and He will tell you.


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