Gospel Foundations: Standing Firm On Simple And Solid Truth

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“The Gospel” is the awesome story of God creating and loving man for God’s glory and our good.

Everything we say and do and think, everything we are, is shaped by the gospel. The gospel is foundational to our very existence.

So we wanted to create what we believe will be our most important content on this site: An ongoing series of posts we can all refer back to that will lay out, simply and succinctly, the basic, foundational concepts that make up the whole of the gospel, and thus, the whole of our lives!

You’ll find these are from a variety of community members, just ordinary guys with their own unique voices, but our mission was and is to write these in a very accessible way that should make it easy for anyone to jump right in, where ever you are in your understanding. A great starting point might be here: What Does “The Gospel” Even Mean?

The Growing Index Of All #GospelFoundation Topics

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