It’s Time For Allies (Who Already Knew We Were At War)

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A few days ago I began to write an article on this idea of “now being the time for allies.”

It occurred to me, shortly into it, that to write the article I was beginning would require me to first write an article rationalizing the reality that we are indeed at war. So I began that one instead.

Nearly a thousand words into that article, which will likely be published still, something else occurred to me:

Now is the time for forming alliances, definitely, but not with those who have to be convinced we’re at war.

Now is the time for finding allies who already knew we were at war long ago.

We’ve Been At War

Now is the time for forming alliances with men who were already preparing for war many years ago. With folks who were taking ridicule for saying the rain was coming long before your home’s floorboards started making squishy sounds.

Why is this qualification crucial?

This is crucial because a great many of our battles before us are, and will be for a while, actually convincing brothers, who may yet make soldiers, to recognize a war is raging all around us and where the lines are drawn for alliances.

These same brothers (and sisters for that matter) have many influences, some of whom are in our kingdom’s institutions and telling us that suffering damp socks just for walking across your own living room is an acceptable aspect of living in this world amongst unbelievers.

“Don’t worry; that musty mold smell in your house won’t really harm your family. In fact, it’s good for you to live with that because others out there in the world have been living with it. Your privilege has kept you from empathizing with them. You’re afraid it’ll make you deadly sick? Well, just know you’re better equipped for caring ministry then.”

Never mind that you can’t even access the basement foundations without specialized equipment anymore.

Never mind that your church acquaintances the town over already had their whole house washed away for not being wise about how and where they built some walls.

No, Really Though

The alliances we need now are between those who could see the clouds building up for decades and were willing to talk about it clearly and boldly despite ridicule. Those who began converting their households to warships years ago. Those who began roaming the flooding streets of Evangeliville warning more was coming and we better all prepare.

You may think I’m mixing metaphors here, but I’m not. There’s only one metaphor. The downpour is analogous, the war is very real. It’s happening all around us.

We can all praise God that he isn’t going to completely flood our nation with water again, but he’s certainly flooding it with the judgement of non-restrain on human depravity. (Romans 1:18-32)

I had an ironic awakening to the real war waging seven years ago when my “lead” pastor with whom I was planting a church told me he was tired of all these war motifs the church has used with men. He also voiced that he was tired of all the arrogant reformed men out there who always thought there was a battle to be fought, and that they could know with certainty what doctrines were really true.

I told him it seemed more arrogant to claim nobody could see things clearly just cause he didn’t, than to say perhaps some theologians through history unto now do see it clearly. With that, I became the ironic enemy in the non-war that totally wasn’t happening.

Never mind the countless war motifs in scripture. Never mind that scripture itself is called a sword—the primary weapon we wield in the battle with the world. Never mind the repeated charges to destroy strongholds, arguments, and opinions raised against the knowledge of God. Never mind that our creator and Lord was crucified by the world and told us the same world will hate us just the same.

Never mind all that. It’s always been about making sure we were “humbly” being “approachable” and “friendly” to the world.

“Just show them how winsome and friendly we are, and they’ll come around.”

That leader and church I stayed with for far too long, like so many these days, now says women can preach if they want, that membership is shruggable, nearly all doctrine is debatable (though only the arrogant really debate it), and so on.

We have always been at war. Those who have pretended we’re not for so long—a luxury made possible by valiant men’s victories in our past—have aided the enemy and surrendered our ground. We’ve allowed them to destroy the dams holding back depravity and nonsense, and people are being swept away in it.

So here we are. The world has come around alright—in their cultural warship they’ve been busy building while we entertained ourselves and pretended this would never happen.

The pressure is on now. The battle is in your face every day, all day. It’s destroying our friends and families. The enemy operates every mainstream worldly command center, as well as the training centers, and they’ve infiltrated many of our supposedly non-worldly centers—those social clubs we once called churches.

So, no surprise, they’re now giving many people their options: join us or perish.

Let’s make sure people know there is another, and better, option still.

Make Hard Changes For Strong Alliances

Those of us who have prepared for war should be banding together in every possible way.

Leave the church that thinks we just need more feel-good-vibes on our luxury cruise ship, trying to attract the world into it. Go find a church lead by men of biblical conviction, christlike character, and worldly competency, actively building Kingdom culture, who live those out with courage and clarity, and are training the saints to do likewise—i.e. to do war.

Pick up and move your family to join with others taking Kingdom living seriously—all Christ, in all of life.

Leverage technology to reach out to others and learn from one another.

Recommend, promote, and help with other great resources and work.

Pool resources, money, businesses, and giftings.

Encourage one another as the world jealously ridicules you for your “cultish” and “militant” ways.

Protect one another as the world attacks and undermines your work and income streams.

Create anti-fragile family households, friendships, and church communities.

Draw your lines together. Build walls and dams together.

Advance your lines together. Carry out the cultural attacks together. Refine your strategies together.

Become stronger together.

Do battle, together.

We can yet save many from being swept away.

We can yet see both the conversion and equipping of many soldiers and even commanders.

We can yet wage this cultural war with Godly, loving, courageous, excellence for the glory of God and the good of all people.


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Don’t go at it alone. We do more, better—with more glory to God and less to ourselves—when we do battle together.

Now is the time for allies. Let’s fight the good fight, together.


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