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The HNR.GD Network is infrastructure for Christendom. It exists for Godly patriarchal men and our people. It is an antidote both to the lone man trying to make a name for himself, as well as to God’s people giving their money for products and services to pagans who despise us, our values, and our God. We pair the best resources with the best men to do the best work, so we may honor God in all we do, build His kingdom throughout the whole earth, and, together, exalt the name above all names, our king, Jesus Christ.

The HNR.GD Network, pronounced “Honor God,” is a platform, a service, and a community for men who seek to honor God, our heavenly Father, the chief Patriarch, in all we say and do. It is a globally shared webwork of resources, abilities, and influence for maximizing the impact of faithful, commendable, reformed Christian men of conviction, character, and competency. It is a true and actual network of media, websites, and applications, served by a single-sign-on platform for men who are striving to live holy and upright lives, rejecting the clown world of Satan and taking dominion for Jesus Christ in every domain of life. It is working together, to do more and do it better, for the glory of God and the good of all people.

We are currently focusing on building out more infrastructure and features, and thus our onboarding capacity is limited. However, we are always accepting men and projects which are good fit, and are specifically focused on Biblically-elder-qualified men who are going hard in media. We are also welcoming a limited number of churches interested in helping us build out a suite of resources for you and your needs. We are also looking to onboard a few businesses and political campaigns in the months ahead. 

Whether these focuses fit you or not, if you are interested in joining the network, we invite you to send a message below and let us know what you’re up to, or want to be up to. We will follow up as we can (and, please note, it can be many weeks sometimes).

Lastly, if you have technological, graphical, editorial, social media, audio production, financial, investment, analytical, or otherwise applicable skills for the many initiatives we have under work, we would welcome you to reach out as well. We have grown and built everything almost entirely via volunteer work from day one, but we have an increasing amount of paid work opportunities as well. You can visit the Stewards page to see some current roles we need filled, but this page is usually extremely lacking compared to what we actually have need of. So, please reach out if you think you can help out.