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We have only just begun building out the HNR.GD Network (which we were formerly calling the “Adelphotes Network”, but let’s face it, nobody can say that right). Currently, hosting your site with us is by invite only. If you know one of the guys in the network, let them know you’re interested. 

If you already know us and love what we do, and you know you want to be notified first if an application opens up for the network, then submit your info here and we’ll put you on the list:

The Expectations For Those Joining The Network

Given all this shared awesomeness, you would be correct to think there must be some expectations for those who will host a site on the network. So let’s get as clear on those as possible, cause ain’t nobody got time for dealing with trickery and treachery.

Just like the contributors to TMM, you will need to remain in doctrinal agreement with one of the following reformed Christian statements of faith along with being able to wholeheartedly affirm the Danvers and Nashville statements.

Additionally, we ask a higher standard of the men on the network than we do the occasional contributors on the central site. You need to live an exemplary, Godly life—one which would qualify you to be a biblical elder in your local church. (Titus 1:3-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7). Surely this is self explanatory and such, right?

Consistent with this expectation, we look for men who are continually bearing some weight of responsibility. Meaning, for example, you’re married and caring for both your immediate family and your local church family well, you’re working in or for your local church, pastoring, working in ministry, working in the marketplace, etc., and doing so in a meaningful and obvious way that sets of an example for other men to emulate with their work, service, care, provision, leadership, etc.

This would be opposed to, say, being a single guy, currently in school and “attending” a church, and critiquing everyone online from afar. We may publish occasional articles from that guy on the central TMM site, but we won’t be offering the hosting of a dedicated site.

You need to continue to create content and utilize social media. Not saying you need to “go pro” here or anything—just keep putting forth the effort for quality content that engages people. Also, taking a break is perfectly fine from time to time.

Lastly, you’ll need to be okay with us injecting a safe, non-embarassing, Christian-themed ad on your site and perhaps even in the text of your blog posts. There will never be unpredictable or worldy junk like random Google Ads littering your site—never! Yet, there may be occasional ads for things your audience of Christians would be interested in or benefit from. Examples might be a great Seminary school, some porn-blocking software, preaching training, or an event.

Common Confessions Or Statements Of Faith

We love the bible and esteem it as the inerrant and infallible word of God. Scripture alone holds supreme authority over our beliefs and actions. However, for the sake of knowing who each other are and how we interpret scripture, creeds and confessions have been a useful, if not necessary, aid for many centuries. Likewise, we use them to provide an objective standard to which we can all agree and a way to assure quality and general unity in our content produced on this site.

Therefore, you will be asked to state your agreement to one of these when submitting the following form to contribute. This is not an exhaustive list, and thus if you have a suggestion you will be able to submit it in the form for review as well.

Note: each of these links opens a new tab since you may be filling out a form and we don’t want you to lose your place. Yep, we’re considerate like that. 

The 1689 Baptist Confession Of Faith

The 1646 Westminster Confession Of Faith

 The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message

More coming… (suggestions?)


Not complete doctrinal confessions, but important statements of faith for us on gender and sexuality which you’ll need to know and affirm (both are quite short and easily read in one sitting): 

The Danvers Statement and The Nashville Statement

Submit Your Info For Consideration

Currently, the HNR.GD Network is invite only, as we are in the very early stages of opening it up. However, if you have discovered this page and made it this far, we welcome you submitting your info for consideration. We will put it on a list and consider your interest as soon as we feel we can comfortably take on more members.