What Is This “Christendom 2.0” We Speak Of?

When you hear guys in our tribe talking about Christendom, and specifically, building Christendom 2.0, do you wonder, “Okay, what is this term actually referring to and where does it come from?” Joshua Jenkins, Riley Adam Voth, and Jared Sparks have a fun conversation about this concept and explain what this white-pill term is all about, why we use it, and what we can all do about it going forward.

Antifragility, Productive Property, and Generational Wealth

Jared Sparks, Bo Hutches, and Riley Adam Voth discuss the virtues of being antifragile men with productive property (as well as what they’re doing to achieve this) which helps us build multi-generational wealth we pass on to our children for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. They even do a bit of dreaming!

Stoop and Build ’em Up

True Christians must not cower in fear of unbelief. True colors are shown when the fruit is not. You can ridicule and curse people in a loving, Christ-like way.

Men, Starting Righteous Fires: About The Majesty’s Men Show

We introduce our new, official show and give a broad overview of what we’re all about as patriarchal, Biblical, unashamed men of God. We key in on the present, pivotal need for building institutional power by joining together as men of God to stand against the pagan downgrade happening all around.