Antifragility, Productive Property, and Generational Wealth

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The Majesty's Men Show
Antifragility, Productive Property, and Generational Wealth

Hosts And Guests Of This Episode

Jared Sparks, Bo Hutches, Riley Adam Voth

Overview Of Topics And Points

We talk about being men of antifragility. Growing and becoming better under pressure and stress, like muscles, instead of like pottery.

Productive property helps you become antifragile.

We talk about building generational wealth.

Proverbs 13:22 – The righteous man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.

Do the hard things so that you can say the hard things as leaders of men. Put yourself in a place where you can stand strong and say hard things because you’re not needing to bow before men for a paycheck.

Building skills is a wealth.

Build skills in your teens and twenties and as you grow you’ll start noticing opportunities come.

Learn to dream out loud about what you want to do with other men; it will help you start to find strategy and business ideas.

Don’t love money. Don’t chase money to avoid needing dependence on God.

Money is a tool for the Kingdom.

Don’t be ashamed of starting small. Don’t be ashamed of working a job for someone else if that’s what you’re better suited for. But, don’t sell yourself short and be afraid of starting small and building up if you can.

We talk about some big dreams for what we can do with the wealth.

Riley plans to get a house for each kids. Teach them wealth management, skill development, property and people management, and give them options and wealth as they reach an age to make choices like, “should I start a business with this or pay for higher education?” Give them those options. Set them up for success.

Bo talks about wanting to have a wealth of skills to teach his children, and to hire young men and helping train and disciple them.

We talk about the goodness of being able to work shoulder to shoulder with men.

Riley talks about how they hope to have property and wealth enough to hire servants to help with his wife’s homeward oriented work, expanding their dominion and work while training and discipling young women in Godly endeavors as well.

The household is an economy. Create multiple revenue streams just like a normal business or economy.

We talk about becoming the men of our churches and communities who are able to pass on knowledge and training and encouragement to young men, and even invest in their business endeavors.

We talk about the value of seeking out mentors. There are a ton of men out there who want to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Skills and knowledge can be gained for free to cheap online. Take the time.

Take small enough steps that you can’t fail.

You’ll overestimate what you can do in a short time. You’ll underestimate what you can do, and what your plodding will accomplish, in 10 or 20 years.

Resources Mentioned

Book: Man Of The House by C.R. Wiley

Book: Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Nicholas Taleb (Do note, we wouldn’t recommend much else by him, especially recently).


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