Hold Fast Chats (#HoldFastChats)

We are currently developing a relaunch of our flagship show, Hold Fast Chats. It’s going to be a fairly significant change from what we’ve done in the past, and it’s going to be something we think will be a tremendous blessing to you in your walk with the Lord. Details will be announced soon in early 2019.

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About Our Past Episodes

Note: Upon the launch of our new purpose and format, we will be repurposing the old episodes into different pieces of content where we can and removing the rest. Until then, you can view the archive below. 

“Hold Fast Chats” was our monthly round-table discussion with the active guys in our community for the purpose of encouraging each other to intentionally and practically hold fast to truth and wisdom in our everyday lives. We would chat live, on air, tackling a new and relevant topic each first Saturday morning of the month. For more information, read our announcement post.
Working Our Jobs For The Glory Of God Hold Fast Chats roundtable discussion image

Working Our Jobs For The Glory Of God – #HoldFastChats

It’s been a bit since the last #HoldFastChats roundtable discussion, but we’re diving back in this month with a big topic to go along with our new Workers category. We’re discussing and exploring what it means to work our jobs for the glory of God! Join us!

Growing Spiritually Growth As Men Of God Hold Fast Chats Show Blog Graphic

How To Be Sure To Have A Summer Of Growth – #HoldFastChats

Our monthly roundtable discussion with guys from the community for our #HoldFastChats show! We’re chatting about how we can be sure to grow as men of God over the summer. Tune in and join us live and ask us questions during and after the show!

Mentoring Relationships Hold Fast Chats HoldFastChats Blog YouTube Thumbnail

Our Crucial Mentoring Relationships – #HoldFastChats

We’re discussing the important topic of mentoring for this month’s #HoldFastChats! Join multiple contributing guys for live discussions and questions as we dig into this topic in an effort to be encouraging and practical for the good of each other!

Romantic Relationships Dating Marriage Sex Discussion Christian #HoldFastChats YouTube Blog Thumbnail Image

Real Struggles & Godly Wisdom In Romantic Relationships – #HoldFastChats

With love in the air, we thought this would be a good month to talk all things relationships with a focus on the romantic — dating, sex, purity, and marriage! Brew your best cup of coffee, have your questions ready, and let’s discuss relationships with some of the guys on Saturday morning! View it here!

#HoldFastChats How We Spend Our Lives Discussion Topic Thumbnail

How We Spend Our Lives – #HoldFastChats

Brew your coffee and get ready, we’re going live for our first #HoldFastChats of 2016 with any of our active contributors who want to join! We’ll be discussing things like ambitions, goals, self-improvement and making much of Jesus versus ourselves. Hope you can join us!

#HoldFastChats Gospel Foundations Discussion Topic Thumbnail

Living Out Accurate Foundational Gospel Beliefs – #HoldFastChats

We’re relaunching #HoldFastChats in pair with our #GospelFoundations series. As with all HFCs, we’re answering this question: “What truths do we as guys need to “hold fast” to in regards to this topic (gospel foundations) and how would you encourage us to do so?”

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