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Making Gains For The New Christendom

What if we told you that making gains for the new Christendom was needed? What if we told you that masculine strength requires voluntary hardship? What if Joshua Jenkins told you the Biblical principles and motivations for being strong? What if we told you that bodily training is of some value? What if we told you the Bible has a theology of physical strength? What if Brandon Lansdown told you how weak Christian men can become strong, and that you can cut the flub and add muscle?

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Intermittent Fasting

In this episode we take a deep dive into all things intermittent fasting. Why should you try intermittent fasting? How does it work when losing weight or building muscle? And so much more.

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Fit to Lead

Does it matter if our leaders are fit or strong? Does our physical build have an effect on our ability to lead institutions? We discuss these ideas through the lens of Constantine the Great.

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The War on Testosterone

Testosterone levels in young men are at alarmingly low levels, as if there were a concerted attack upon them. Why is testosterone important? How can you naturally boost those T-levels? Find surprising inspiration from the patriarch Jacob.

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Introducing the Absolute Unit Pod

What is an Absolute Unit? What does physical fitness and strength have to do with the Christian life? This introductory episode introduces the Absolute Unit podcast and lays out the foundations of discipline for men to make gains for the new Christendom. Happy lifting!

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