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Reformed Informants is a podcast devoted to biblical exposition, systematic theology, and practical application for the good of the church.

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Reformed Informants

RI 58: A Whole Lotta Questions

The Informants dedicate this episode to answering questions from the Infantry aka their listeners. Thanks for the questions and keep them coming!

Reformed Informants

RI 22: The Value of Church History

The Informants host special guest Jared Helms to discuss the importance of studying church history for Christian theology.

Reformed Informants

RI 21: Theology Proper Pt. 5 | Divine Decrees

The Informants conclude the Theology Proper series by discussing God’s decrees, asking the question of whether or not God is ultimately in control of everything

Reformed Informants

RI 11: Infantry Request #1 | Hermeneutics

Per a listener request, The Informants devote an episode to the topic of biblical interpretation. LB also includes great material with a poor “attempt” to

Reformed Informants

RI 10: Bible Translations

The Informants tackle the overwhelming task of choosing which English translation of the Bible to purchase.    

Reformed Informants

RI 4: What Is The Gospel?

The Informants outline a 4-fold outline to a biblical gospel presentation | God – Man – Christ – Response    

Reformed Informants

RI 2: A Theological Endeavor

The Informants explain how theology isn’t just for “theologians” and scholars – All Christians are called to understand God’s Word.    

Reformed Informants

RI 1: What Is Theology?

The Informants define and discuss a working definition of theology.