Stewards: The Caretakers Of TMM

Steward: – An old english term for a person who served to supervise and manage the affairs of a large castle, estate, or community on behalf of the lord while the lord was away.

“Stewards” is not just a fun play off a medieval title that’s “totally on-brand”, as the cool kids say — though it is clearly that too. We take any work and influence the Lord allows us to have in his Kingdom very seriously, and we are looking for men (and women for some roles) that are passionate about our mission of making wise and faithful men who represent king Jesus well. Above all, we want to represent our king well in every facet of our work.

The roles listed below are ways we could use you (or multiple people) right now to do this better. Some of them require more skills than others. Some of them, a bit more time investment than others. Some of them may require some education. Obviously, if you already have some skills and experience in these areas, that would be ideal. But, if you are simply seeking to learn and/or build your experience, and you enjoy working on the web and are driven to work with excellence, we can offer training for many of these roles. 

The pay, you ask? TMM has been a volunteer community effort from day one and nobody has ever taken a penny for their work. We are generating revenue and as we grow we may reach a point as we continue to grow in which it will become necessary to pay ourselves, and, if we do, the Stewards will be the first to receive those coins. However, at this point, we are seeking to work with brothers and sisters in Christ who are simply passionate and driven enough about our efforts here to do this for the pleasure and purpose of doing it. That said, for the majority of these roles, we will offer tools and resources for support raising if you wish to use them, and all proceeds you raise will go straight to you.

So how do you apply for consideration? The best way is to use the form on this page located past the roles below. You could also send an email to contact @ and put the role(s) you wish to be considered for in the Subject of the email. Then, tell us why you would like to do that, why you would be a great fit for this role, and attach any links or examples of your work if you have them. 

We’re looking for men (and possibly women, depending on the task) who :

  • Are faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Have well developed, and constantly developing, theology and Biblical understanding.
  • Understand the vital importance of equipping and encouraging men to ever develop deeper into their identity in Christ and God-designed roles as men in their family, church, and society.
  • Can fulfill their role consistently (typically weekly) without much oversight.
  • Are driven to do excellent work, and can research/recognize what excellence is in their task.
  • Work well with a team, taking input from others and giving input to other’s ideas.
  • Anyone who likes looking and sounding Godly, loves having followers and admirers, but doesn’t actually, truly abide in Christ (it doesn’t fool those who truly do, so there’s no point in faking it). 
  • Anyone looking to make a name for themselves and leverage our platforms to get famous (we can sniff that from a mile away… don’t bother).
  • Anyone who feels the need to constantly squabble with people online they disagree with.
  • Anyone who loves their ideas more than the people they work with to accomplish them.
  • Anyone who doesn’t take input from others well.

Navigating our theological differences between well-meaning Christian brothers is a difficult task, and we’ve tried many things over the past few years. However, we believe it best to state clearly what we believe, and (especially as the team of folks who runs all this) have unity in these beliefs to a pretty great extent.

Therefore, we do ask that you are able to agree with at least one of the more common reformed theological confessions, as well as both the Danvers Statement on biblical manhood and womanhood and the Nashville Statement on sexuality. You’ll find links to these below in the form section.

Specific Roles We Know We Need Help With Right Now

Let’s Do This!

If you want to get involved and contribute, and you’ve read the previous info on this page, then please use the form here to submit your information! We’ll get in touch with you ASAP! FYI: we usually reply to these on weekends!

Common Confessions Or Statements Of Faith

We love the bible and esteem it as the inerrant and infallible word of God. Scripture alone holds supreme authority over our beliefs and actions. However, for the sake of knowing who each other are and how we interpret scripture, creeds and confessions have been a useful, if not necessary, aid for many centuries. Likewise, we use them to provide an objective standard to which we can all agree and a way to assure quality and general unity in our content produced on this site.

Therefore, you will be asked to state your agreement to one of these when submitting the following form to contribute. This is not an exhaustive list, and thus if you have a suggestion you will be able to submit it in the form for review as well.

Note: each of these links opens a new tab since you may be filling out a form and we don’t want you to lose your place. Yep, we’re considerate like that. 

The 1689 Baptist Confession Of Faith

The 1646 Westminster Confession Of Faith

 The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message

More coming… (suggestions?)


Not complete doctrinal confessions, but important statements of faith for us on gender and sexuality which you’ll need to know and affirm (both are quite short and easily read in one sitting): 

The Danvers Statement and The Nashville Statement