The Great Reset Is Happening. No, Not That One; The TMM One

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You may have heard rumors and chatter of a “Great Reset” coming. We want to set the record straight: it’s really happening.

Yet, it may not be the one you’re thinking of…

We’ll leave the speculation of national and global resets by the panicdemic opportunists for another day. What we can confirm is that is going to be undergoing a great reset of its own this year…

Removing Past Year’s Content

We’ll be publishing a piece in the coming days which will explain our content production plans moving forward. But, what it won’t delve into is what we’re saying here now:

In the coming days, we’ll be removing a great deal of (i.e. nearly all) past article posts from this site. 

Some will remain as is and with some of them we will ask the author if he wishes to tweak it a tiny bit to give it more focus (explaining in a second). If you’re an author, you’ll be notified via email soon that you can take your content to your own site or let it be deleted from our servers.

2021 will be a sort of a new “year one” in terms of content output.

Why? Well, this idea has been in the works for a few years…

Growing Up, But Remembering Roots

Some years back when we were really booming, we lost focus. In the rush to always feed the hungry beast of regular weekly publishing schedules (cause we were supposed to, said the experts), and in an effort to give a voice to the dozens and dozens of men pitching in and submitting content, we began to publish articles on a wide array of topic as long as they were generally, in some sense, related to the gospel of Jesus Christ… mostly.

Nobody could have known what to expect from this site other than that it would be from a Christian guy of some age about something he was thinking about recently and desired an outlet to put it out to the world. However, it most certainly wasn’t specific to Christian men nor helpful in any specific sense for Christian men.

But, that’s what this site was made for way back in 2013. That’s what we are about. Encouraging and equipping men of God in a society that increasingly tears them down. Not gaining more and more page views.

Whether only 10 men read us or 10 thousand per month stop by, we’re going to get back to a clear and bold focus on speaking both to and for men of God, and you’ll know exactly what is coming and why it’s coming from TMM.

Acting Like Stuff Matters

Further, if you paid any attention to our social media through the wild ride of 2020, you likely noticed some shifts in both the “what” and the “how” the content is coming. Expect the long-form version of this last year’s social media content, and explanations for it, to be found here on the site from now on.

To explain briefly:

Maybe you noticed, but we are in an all-out cultural war. It’s not Trump’s fault. Nor is it the Democrat’s, primarily. It’s the Church’s fault. We’ve grown spoiled, fat, lazy, and terribly unhealthy and unhelpful. We’ve lusted for the affections of a society that hates our God. We have grown ignorant, arrogant, cowardly, full of false piety and christless passivity, and we top it off with absurd justifications for all of it. Here on TMM, we used to play along with the grand charade.

And now, we’re reaping what we’ve sown for many decades as our society crumbles, persecution arises, and apostates abound.

So from now on, we will be leading out in engaging in this cultural warfare, as men of God should be.

We will plainly call righteousness good and sinfulness stupid. We will take stands that win us neither worldly applause nor #BigEva book deals.

And About That Masculinity Focus

Finally, amongst many other issues, it’s time we all admit the once cherished doctrine of Complementarianism hasn’t held the line in our society against egalitarian feminist nonsense. It was a temporary defense that has given out. We’ll save the more in depth explanation for future days, but know that we will be fully embracing the clear biblical teaching of Biblical patriarchy going forward.

No more playing soft with hard matters. No more embarrassment about manhood. No more embarrassment about God’s word. No more embarrassment about true Christianity being a very masculine Christianity.

Yet, for clarity, we’re still quite friendly and welcoming to “hard complementarians.” Most of you are truly believers and practicers of biblical patriarchy even if you haven’t been taught to use those more biblical and clear words.

So, if that’s you, and you’re still warming up to this “patriarchy” language and our “great reset” in regards to modern Christianity, then know you’re welcome here to both contribute content as well as to critique and to learn with us. Nobody has it all figured out.

Just know this: from this one issue of defining biblical masculinity and communal and societal function via God’s standards and terms, flows clarity and solutions for nearly every other issue we face as the people and the Church today.

If you don’t believe it, then stick around for this great reset. We’re getting back to the created order and the biblical ways.

We think you’ll benefit from it and grow to love it.


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  1. I’m excited! For some strange reason, I thought you should know that. The Allies who know we’re already at war post is probably my favorite so far.

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