Questions And Reflections On Marriage From Newlywed Young Men – [Audio/Video]

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

We recently had to take advantage of the opportunity here to speak with multiple young men from our community who are newlyweds, ranging from 6 months to a few years.

We ask questions and hear reflections and bits of wisdom from the first few months of being a young married men. We did this over multiple takes on video chat so you can listen to the answers.

Notes From The Audio/Video Conversations

Community Members Involved:

Themes Of The Conversations:

  1. Things enjoyed in marriage so far.
  2. Things that have been difficult or surprising about marriage.
  3. Things you’ve learned about yourself.
  4. Best decision(s) you’ve made together.
  5. Overarching all of it: how things relate to Jesus Christ in his church.

Payte, What Are You Enjoying So Far In Marriage – Handing Over Rights And Truly Sharing Life

How Does Marriage Differ From Living With Godly Guys In College?

Intimacy with your spouse is on a whole’nother level of community and union that you can’t experience with your guy friends. Both are great, but very different as the community with your wife reflects intimacy with Christ, while community with your bros reflects intimacy with your fellow church.

We are “one” with our spouse. Not with our bros.

We also talk about one-ness with our spouse. It’s more than just physical. It’s emotional; it’s spiritual; it shows us God’s heart for us. The physical is nice, but the rest is even better!


[We have been reformatting all our old videos. More videos coming back soon.]

You married or hoping to be? Please share with us what you liked, what you learned, and any additional thoughts you have!

If you’d love to join us in a future conversation, or have an idea you’d like to see the guys talk about, use the Join page or the Contact page or leave it in the comments below! Thanks so much!


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