Love Your Lady, Lion Tshirt


This shirt is light weight and super comfortable, but serving and loving your lady like Jesus loves his church, is not. The weight of this calling is heavy and not always easy, but this honorable calling on your life is to show a direct reflection of Jesus’s sacrificial, redeeming, serving, protecting, compelling love for us as his people! So let us represent our king Jesus in the way we love our lady! This shirt won’t help you do that, but it can show you want to!

Designed by the talented, Jessie Courson of, the quote reads: “His words evoke her beauty. Everything he says and does is designed to bring the best out of her.” inspired by Ephesians 5:25-28 and quoted from Eugene H. Peterson’s “The Message” paraphrase translation.

May this statement be true of us as men, just as it is true of Christ and his church!

Instructions For Being Awesome

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