God First Bro Tshirt & Vneck


Priorities, bro. Priorities. We all have seasons we get mixed up and messed up and need a bro to remind us how to get our minds right. Nobody ever accused us of not being bold around here. So, be a bro, and tell your bros what matters!

Colors and prices vary depending on the style you choose.

Instructions For Being Amazing

Choose your options below and add it to the cart and complete checkout. When you receive your gear, put it on and take a photo. Tag TMM in a post on your favorite social site of you sporting your swag. We’ll feature you on this page and our social channels plus send you a discount code for your next purchase! Deal? Great. Go be amazing.



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We’re offering this one two styles. Choose from a soft-feel triblend t-shirt or a soft-feel v-neck. Please note that color options vary with style.

Shoot us a Tweet with any questions and we’ll reply pronto-like: @TheMajestysMen


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