Community Convo: “Hold Fast Chats” Intro & Question Rounds on Marriage

Note: We originally published this as a “HoldFastChats” but we’ve since revised the post as we’ve “re-launched” the series and the format for the chats with a specific, predictable format. We now simply call these “Community Conversations” and you can expect to see more of them between guys on the site. However, they’re definitely different from our #HoldFastChats show.

We’re excited to have finally hosted our first “practice” chat of what we’ll be calling “Hold Fast Chats” (a.k.a. #HoldFastChats)!

We have a lot to improve (including overall length) but the conversation was rich and the thoughts and advice were great stuff!

Since this was meant to be an introduction to what Hold Fast Chats will look like in the future, we kept it super simple by giving four of our married guys a few questions ahead of time. We then went around the circle and the guys shared their answers and thoughts on the questions.

In the future you can expect more discussion, but we were trying to keep this short and simple as we practice using the Google Hangouts… We’ll have to work more on the short part.

The Guys Who Joined

The guys who joined were Payte JohnsonRiley Adam VothIsaac Hecker, and Meiko Seymour.

Without further ado, here’s the questions answered and discussed:

The Questions Of The Community Conversation:

1.) What are 3 Of Your Top Reasons For Getting Married?

2). What are 3 Of Your Most Recommended “Heart Attitudes” or Practices For Staying Happily Married?

We also had prepared for “3 of your best reasons for staying married” but we obviously didn’t have time to get through them all.

So catch the show here, below. Then, write a post on the blog so you can join us on the next one. We have some good topics and discussions planned that you’ll hear at the end of the show.

The Community Conversation:

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