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Each first Saturday of the month we host a virtual, roundtable discussion with some of the guys from our community, and we call these #HoldFastChats! We always seek to be encouraging and practical as we pose a topic and relative questions, and overall answer:

“What truths do we as guys need to ‘hold fast’ to in regards to this topic and how would you practically encourage guys to do so?”

For full details, check out Announcing Hold Fast Chats. For the index of past discussions, go to our Hold Fast Chats page.

This Month’s Topic: Summer Of Growth – How We Can Be Sure We Are Growing As Men Of God

We will be asking questions and chatting about things such as:

  • In what season of my life did I grow the most?
  • What are key ways growth happens in a believer?
  • What are things you are learning now and how will you use the summer months to grow?
  • What challenges or stifles growth? What makes it difficult?
  • What does the Bible say about growing as men of God?

So a few of our contributors are sitting down to discuss questions and experiences such as these on this topic!

Grab your best cup of coffee, have your questions ready, and let’s discuss some truth to hold fast too!

You can leave questions and feedback in the comments below (we’ll keep an eye on them even as we’re chatting). You can also invite your friends or shoot us a tweet during the chat by hitting this:

Tweet @TheMajestysMen #HoldFastChats

Tune In For The Livestream, Or Catch The Replay, Here:




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