The Gospel Frees The Slaves By Jim Blalock — #SuperSermons

The Majesty's Men
The Majesty's Men

It shouldn’t be the case, but so often it is that there are particular books of the Bible that are forgotten or neglected by preachers and teachers either for their comparatively dry subject matter or because of the heavy dose of narrative text.

Pastors can often be caught preaching from similar passages on repeat, but this isn’t the case with this sermon, in which pastor Jim Blalock delivers a message one could rightly say is, essentially, the gospel as seen in the letter to Philemon.

Here, in one of the more obscure New Testament books, we find a glaring picture of the gospel, forgiveness, atonement, the grace of God, and “Jesus our advocate [who] secures our eternal and perfect pardon.”

The Sermon

“The Gospel Frees the Slave”
Originally delivered 28 June 2015
At Beacon Baptist Church, Jupiter, FL
Text: Philemon 1:1-10

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