Frequently Asked Questions About TMM

We try the best we can to explain stuff on our About Page, yet not everything that someone wonders can fit on a simple “About” page. Because of this, we’re actively compiling a “Frequently Asked Questions” page here to help you (and ourselves) get back to business.

Here are some of the additional things you may be wondering, but if it’s not answered here, feel free to use the Contact Page!


That’s a great question! We, like you apparently, do believe it is valuable to claim a certain stance on various issues besides the fact that we love Jesus.

We do have a “confessional statement” that we hold to: Our Theological Views.

This is simply a biblical statement of biblical beliefs. While many people involved with us might maintain beliefs in excess of what this statement covers, we believe this statement is rather all-encompassing for what we maintain as the core belief as owners and operators of this site.

We also state our Purpose, Mission, and Values very clearly on our About page. You’ll get much of what we value from that as well.

It should also be noted that our Contributors are free to believe many things, and write about it, as long as we believe it’s done in constructive way that promotes Godly conversation. 

See the following question for clarity, but the answer is simply: “Nobody but Jesus” …and the rest of the trinity. That could count as a group couldn’t it?

We are made up of an ever growing community of believers. So, you could say, we are you… if you join us.

However, if you are really wanting to know who founded this shindig, that’d be Riley Adam Voth who envisioned and founded the site. He and some close friends began writing content for the site and envisioning it in March 2013, but actually launched in January 2015. We’re growing fast, and more people are becoming involved and crucial in this community. Will you be one of them?

We are not associated with any certain group, church, ministry, organization, business or anything else you can think of besides Jesus.

The site itself is ever-evolving and is primarily maintained and designed by Riley Adam Voth with a help of a growing staff now. However, the original graphic elements — they’re pretty rad aren’t they — were done by Anthony Esau. He’s a talented creator that loves Jesus and can be found at Look him up and show him some loving! Give him props for the work he invested in this site too!

We’re open to ideas of support or partnerships of different kind if the idea is right. We are just beginning to actively seek out people, blogs, and communities to partner with as well. Visit the Support page if you’d like to help in a publicity or financial way. Otherwise, the Join Us page lays out multiple different simple ways you can help out! Get in touch via the contact page if you have an out-of-the-box idea!

A: We apologize we’re a little bit vague on this on the Join page(you’ve read that right?). It has actually been on purpose. We’ve had a hard time deciding if we wanted any age cut-off, so we’ve left it open to gauge interest. The simplest answer then, is that, no, we do not have currently have any restrictions of any kind. However, if you’re found to be in objection to our core theological beliefs or unrepentant and blatant sin, we may ask you go elsewhere.

If you’re a female, we won’t give you free access to the publish button like we do with many of our guys, but we do invite you to publish here with us if you’ll write encouraging and empowering content (yes, you can be kindly critical too if you must) directed at young men from your point of view!

Yes and no. Technically, we do, as per our Publishing Policy (which you were supposed to read when you signed up), grant youback a joint copyright to do whatever you wish with your content.But we definitely discourage doing so for both of our goods! 

First, what do we mean “back”? As usual practice with any publishing platform, you grant us, and we retain, copyrights for having published the work for you as part of TheMajestysMen.comas a whole. However, because we’re cool and this site was made by guys just like you, we want you to retain freedom and ability to do with your thoughts what you want. However, the agreement was and is that (1) the rights only extend to you to use (you can’t sell the identical work to someone else as their own) and (2) we will hold the rights to the content as well.

“So, then that’s cool, but what’s the big deal with me reusing it on my site?”

If you feel you must, go for it.However, it’s a discouraged practice with blog posts and written articles that will ultimately hurt both of our site’s rankings.Here’s why: Google, the king of indexing the internet, automatically assumes that one of us plagiarized the other and will not know who to show as the original work. Therefore, it’s believed that Google will just penalize us both. There are elaborate workarounds, but for the most part, it’s not worth messing with. What we recommend you do is simply post an “excerpt” or a teaser of your post here and link it from your blog. Also, put links in your bio here or even a sentence such as “read more on my personal blog at [your link here]!” Shoot, even build an index of your posts on your blog! In contrast, these back-and-forth links serve to strengthen and raise both of our rankings! So, it’s a good practice to maximize the spread of your great content!

Ultimately though, we leave it up to you! We’re glad you’re publishing here with the community and we hope to help spread your message far and wide!

You’re right! We do have ways of earning money through this site including the ability to accept donations. Maintaining a large and active website is an extremely time and money consuming endeavor. To that point, we have only just begun and are not even “self-sustaining” yet.

However, the hope and openly stated plan is that as we reach a health in which we generate revenue. We will be covering our expenses and then splitting this revenue amongst the active contributors of the site as well as investing in projects such as making media, serving people, and perhaps hosting a retreat for young men. We are very, obviously, gladly transparent about this with the contributors and release all statements of earning to them to see for themselves!

Join uswhenever you’d like. 🙂

We’ll continue to add to this as needed… let us know if we’re missing something that should be here.