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#RelationalMedia Blog Series: Wisely Using, Or Not Using, Social Media In Our Relationships

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Most of the guys involved here in our community are active social media users, and many of us are avid social media users. However, a great many of us have used, or even still do use, the many social media networks and tools, freely at our fingertips, without much thought-through intention. Is this okay?

We’ve had multiple excellent posts on the topic of social media over the last year since we launched, but some of the guys have wanted to discuss a bit more in depth on the matter.

Seeing how this month we’ve had a bit of a focus on “relationships” we decided why not do a week of discussing and learning from each other on how we use social media — the tools that are supposed to be beneficial to our relationships?

A few topics you might see that we’ve discussed:

  • Can we truly use social media for the glory of God and if so, how do we / have you done this?
  • Can social media actually help us build meaningful relationships or is it just “feel good” and fakery?
  • Are their dangers in social media for christian men? If so, what have you experienced?
  • How have you struggled with social media?
  • How have you seen victories or great examples of use of social media?
  • Any good advice on how to use social media, practically and spiritually, from your experience?
  • Any good advice on how not to use social media from your experience?
  • Is it beneficial to discuss hot-topics on social media.
  • Does social media impact our relationships? How about you specifically?
  • Does social media help or hurt the name of Jesus? Explain.
  • Does having a high follower count mean anything?
  • How should we wisely use social media in relation to our work/jobs versus purely personal use or even “gospel use”?
  • How do we “guard” our eyes, hearts, minds and still use social media?
  • How do we stay humble and guard from pride in social media?
  • How do we detect if we’re already using social media pridefully?
  • Can you / should you correct a brother through / on social media?
  • Or other things you think of… cause, yea, you could write for this too!

So if you have wisdom, questions, concerns, and something helpful to share in this convo join us and write a blog post or share something in the comments below for another guy to write about! We’d love to talk about and learn with you!

View The Full Index Of The #RelationalMedia Posts

So as we add posts to it through this week (and likely afterwards as well) the full index of them will automatically update right here!

Again, if you have wisdom, questions, concerns, and something helpful to share in this convo join us and write a blog post or share something in the comments below for another guy to write about! We’d love to talk about and learn with you!

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