Trevin Wax On The Virtue Of Prudence In A Spectacle-Enthralled Society

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

Shortly after the social media fiasco of the viral video showing the Covington Catholic boys in Washington D.C., with all the rushed and ridiculous outrage and nonsense that went with it, Trevin Wax laid out a Twitter stream on an oft-forgotten virtue called “prudence”.

Prudent – acting with or showing care and thought for the future

Mr. Wax has some good counsel here for everyone in this society, but it’s especially good for us as men. We naturally feel an urge to stand as warriors (especially where it’s easy: online), fighting injustices and calling out wrongs, but as men of God, we should also be modeling the ability to recognize our limitations, practice wisdom, and care for others.

So read Trevin’s wise words and see if you agree a little more prudence would do us, and everyone else, some good.



Have you benefitted from practicing this online? Have you seen positive effects in you or others from it? Or, do you even agree with this? Let’s hear it below!


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