The Sanctity Of Human Life by Matt Chandler – #SuperSermons

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The Majesty's Men Admin

Some sermons are #SuperSermons because they’re so timeless in their message. So well said, or universal, or eternally significant in their content that they become something you need to listen to again and again as a reminder for yourself or to share with people whom it will forever apply to no matter their circumstances.

Then there’s some sermons that aren’t necessarily timeless in their subject matter, but rather they are so absolutely on point, dialed in, and significantly relevant to the culture at the moment that they’re a #SuperSermon.

This is one of the latter types.

You may have seen clips of this sermon floating around the internet lately in light of much of the “Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice” and well deserved fuss about the abortion profiting company, “Planned Parenthood”, but this entire sermon is worth watching and hearing it’s entirety.

Observe how pastor Chandler frames this message in the gospel, sets up the hearers to be able to hear and understand the message, and calls out a difficult truth and takes a bold and costly stance for what is right.

There is so much to learn from this message. Even more so though, let it motivate us to think and do what is right in these matters.

The Sermon:

Q: What points stand out to you?

Any other thoughts on the matter? Let’s hear it in the comments…


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