There Are No Superheroes In The Church; Here’s A Better Way

We all love the idea of superheroes. Yet, there is no such thing — especially in the Church. If you’re willing to admit it, you’ve likely tried to be one at times, and you’ve likely had times you wanted a superhero to take on roles and responsibilities, saving you from needing to do them. This isn’t the way we work in the church though. There’s a better way.

Ep. 6 – Christianity Is Bigger Than a Political Party

On this episode, we’ll walk through some thought-provoking truths from Jeff Christopherson’s article for Christianity Today, titled, “When Conservatism Isn’t Enough.”

Ep. 5 – Interviewing Jonathan Hayashi on His New Book Ordinary Radicals

On this episode of Discern Daily, Jonathan Hayashi and I discuss his brand new book on discipleship, titled, Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship.

Ep. 1 – Learning from Baptist Missionary William Carey

This morning, I came across Nathan A. Finn’s article for IMB, titled, “Missionaries You Should Know: William Carey.” After reading through the article, I felt compelled to think upon its content and openly share a few thoughts. I thank God for William Carey and his legacy. Let’s dive into the article and unpack a few things.