Reading Of The Week: Discuss What You Read! “Sensing Jesus”, Week 3

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

Did you know we’ve begun reading a book together? Yep! Catch the full announcement post (and get the book) by clicking this link: Join Us Reading Sensing Jesus! It’s not at all too late to jump in and get going with us! 

Reading Of The Week: Sensing Jesus, Week 3, Pages 101-150

reading sensing jesus book together cover imageWe’ve been reading about 50 pages / week! This is a pretty easy-reading book and so we think you can knock out 50 pages in a week fairly easily! If you find it’s a bit too much for you, no problem! Just share your thoughts as you go; it’s never too late!

If you’re getting a late start, no sweat! You can always still jump in whenever you’d like (even if you stumble onto this post a year from now!

We highly recommend this book for any christian, but especially young men! So, get going on it!

Discuss What You’re Reading / Thinking / Learning!

Alright, so now the fun part of reading this in community together: Discuss and learn from each other at the same time! What’s standing out to you?

Also, be intentional with replying to the other guys as well! Milk this blessing for all it’s worth, you can ask questions of other guys and learn from what God is teaching them as well!

We’re discussing this in our private community together and you can also, more publicly, share your thoughts in the comments below and reply to your bros! We’ll do a write-up post at the end of our reading as well.

Here’s a few tweets we saw this week to get the convo going:

Share your thoughts in the comments below and reply to your bros! 


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