Remember, Pride Comes Before The Fall (Sometimes Literally) – [Video]

Riley Adam Voth
Riley Adam Voth

To be clear, we never want to revel in someone else’s failure, but simply put, this video (and the many others like it online) shouldn’t make us laugh as much as just sit agasp, mouths open in disbelief, thinking to ourselves, “Okay, take note. Take note. Don’t be this guy.”

With our innate desire to conquer, to lead, and to our own demise, glorify ourselves, this is good for us to remember.

  1. Do not gloat, boast and bask in your success and victories. God tells us, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)
  2. Do not quit too soon. Sometimes, God wants to develop our character and we need to see something through to the very end. Especially if our tendency is to pridefully boast before the work is done.

We can learn a lot from the realm of sports, can’t we? One of the strongest: remember, pride comes before the fall… sometimes, quite literally:

A Timely Reminder In Our Success And Ambitions For The Year!

We just completed a super strong year and have tons of big ambitions for the coming one (see the review and plans video post here). We also already had a strong start into the year as a community with many strong blog posts, such as book reviews, #HoldFastChats, quote graphics, and even the first collaboration with an artist for a new product in the shop.

It’s nuts! Only one week into the year!

Many of us individually are setting desires and goals in store for the year as well. Yet, it’s all for nothing if the glory is for ourselves, or we bask in tiny successes that prevent us from doing the greater work that God has called us to of serving and loving others for the good of them and the glory of God through Jesus.

Battle your pride in self and anything else but Jesus. Stay focused. Stay humble. Work hard. Be thankful. We have much to do in the days ahead, and it’s not for our glory.

Thanks for being a humble servant in this community!


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