A Recap Of The #InTheFam Tweet Series With Meiko Seymour

The Majesty's Men Admin
The Majesty's Men Admin

“TweetSeries” is one of the many ways we work together as a community to share wisdom, learn from each other, and make much of Jesus. On a regular basis, active contributing members from our community compose a series of tweets around a theme of their choice. We then trickle these out through the day on our ever-growing Twitter community. We recap them here on the blog after each series, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and input in the comments below or on Twitter!

#InTheFam by Meiko Seymour

This series is on the topic of Community and composed by community member and author, Meiko Seymour. Payte introduces us…

Plus The Recording Of The Live Periscope Broadcast To Top It Off!

Great job Meiko! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Check out more posts by Meiko here on the blog, and follow him at @MeikoSeymour on Twitter!

Please feel welcome to share thoughts in the comments below!


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