Ministry Minded Episode 18 with Obbie Tyler Todd

Ministry Minded
Ministry Minded
Ministry Minded Episode 18 with Obbie Tyler Todd

Ministry MindedEpisode 18 of “Ministry Minded” features Obbie Tyler Todd

In this episode, Brad is joined by fellow Baptist and church historian, Obbie Tyler Todd, to about talk the failures and successes of the Baptist denomination, the pivotal role creeds and confessions have in the church today, and what it means to be a gospel-centered student minister. We seek to answer questions like: How does the gospel shape our understanding of church history? Are creeds inherently Catholic? Was Jonathan Edwards just a crusty old Puritan? This and much more is covered in this lengthy discussion between Obbie and Brad, a conversation that’s fueled by history and a passion for the gospel.

At the time of this recording, Obbie and his wife Kelly were ministering at Zoar Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but they’ve since been transitioned by God to minister at the Haynes Creek campus of First Baptist Church in Covington, Georgia. Obbie is avid writer and excellent thinker. He’s already attained a Master’s in Theology and an M. Div., while also pursuing a Doctoral degree from New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary. Obbie’s also a rampant blogger but most of his writing can be found on The Majesty’s Men network site, Vernacular. Follow him on Twitter, @obbietyler.


3 Reasons Every Pastor Should Read Church History,” Obbie Tyler Todd
The Prodigal Baptist,” Obbie Tyler Todd
The Democratization of American Christianity, Nathan O. Hatch
History of Christian Doctrines, Louis Berkhof
The Excellency of Christ, Jonathan Edwards
Heaven: A World of Love, Jonathan Edwards
Sermons of Jonathan Edwards
The Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther
Luther’s Small Catechism, Martin Luther
Grace: So Much More Than You Know & So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray


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