Ep. 8 – Responsible Disciples Don’t Skip Church

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Ep. 8 - Responsible Disciples Don't Skip Church

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Ep. 8 – Responsible Disciples Don’t Skip Church

The number of Christians who attend a worship service every week at their local church is a disappointingly low number compared to the total amount of professing Christians. Faithful disciples of Christ should not regularly skip church for a number of important reasons.

On this episode of Discern Daily, we discussed an article written by Nathan Rose, titled, “5 Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church,” published on For The Church. Let’s take a look at the piece and seek the truth.

Top Quotes from Nathan’s Article

“I read recently that my denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, has a total of 16 million members, but on a typical Sunday only 6 million of those members attend their local church’s corporate worship gathering.”

“Below, I want to list some reasons and explain why skipping church is a really bad idea.
1.  You will miss out on God’s primary design for your spiritual growth and well-being.
2.  You disobey God.
3.  You make a statement to the world that God is not worthy of worship.
4.  You can’t minister to anyone.
5.  You skip out on a foretaste of heaven.”

[Posted as a footnote] “These reasons do not pertain to people who are providentially hindered. I believe there are circumstances in which it is appropriate and even necessary to miss corporate worship with your church family. Sickness, physical disablement, being out of town to take care of one’s elderly parents are just a few examples.”

Too often people think that corporate worship is only about getting their own spiritual needs met. And therefore if they don’t have any spiritual needs at that time then there is no reason for them to attend.”

Missing church robs you of an opportunity to serve someone other than yourself.”

Read Nathan’s full article on For The Church here.

Episode Highlights

I really appreciated Nathan’s article. It’s not a newly published article, but it resonated with me this week. As a pastor, I can tell you from experience that not all Christians care to serve at church each week.

Number four on Nathan’s list is worth discussing. If we are going to be fruitful, responsible ministers of the gospel, we must be consistently involved in a local church. By skipping church, you really can’t minister to anyone.

The Apostle Paul talks about spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12. In this passage of Scripture, Paul is not spreading compliments, but delegating responsibilities. We have a role to play for the body of Christ to function well.

Our spiritual gifts aren’t given to us to make us feel better about ourselves. They’re meant to benefit others in the church. Others miss out when you skip church. 

You cannot practice the “one another’s” in the Bible — love one another, serve one another, submit to one another — if you’re not around one another.

We need to appreciate being members of the body of Christ and learn how to better function as a single member of an entire body of believers.

Let’s Seek the Truth

What spoke to you in this episode? Do you agree with Nathan’s 5 reasons why skipping church is a bad idea? Share in the comments below and let’s connect!



Payte is a husband and father from Kansas who hosts the Discern Daily podcast show. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Religion from Liberty University with experience in church planting and serving as a local church elder. In his free time he enjoys playing drums and disc golfing.

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