Ep. 27 – God’s Sovereignty Is Our Security

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Ep. 27 - God's Sovereignty Is Our Security

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Ep. 27 – God’s Sovereignty Is Our Security

Is anything burdening you? What tends to stress you out or cause you to worry? When it comes to spiritual matters involving our relationship with God, it’s common to lose our sense of security in Christ at times. But God is our true confidence and security! On this episode, we are highlighting a blog post by Pastor Gabe Hughes, titled, “Predestined By God.” Engage the content with us and let’s seek the truth together.


Quotes From Gabe Hughes

“When you first became a Christian, you had a very elementary understanding of your sin against God and the work that He had done to redeem you—that Jesus Christ had died on the cross and risen from the grave, and that by faith in Him, you have the forgiveness of sins and eternal life with God. As far as you were concerned, you decided to follow Jesus. But as you grew to understand God’s word, your perspective has likely changed.”

“From the word of God, you come to find that you had nothing to do with your salvation at all. You were a wretched sinner enslaved to sin, incapable of doing anything pleasing to God. You came to faith not because you did anything good but because God is good. You believe not according to the purpose of your will but according to the purpose of Him who wills it.”

[Five reasons why this topic is important for us to pursue together]

  • “First, so your prayers would not be hindered.
  • Second, so you would be relieved of your burdens.
  • Third, so you will be more considerate of others.
  • Fourth, so you would understand your sin rightly.
  • Fifth, so you may worship God appropriately.”

“If you believe that your salvation is dependent upon a choice you’ve had to make or it’s dependent upon your continued choices to maintain it, then you are being weighed down by an unnecessary burden. I hope you see from the Scriptures that salvation—including faith and belief, even repentance itself—is not the work of man. Salvation is from beginning to end the gracious work of God.”

Read Gabe’s full blog post here.

Episode Highlights

Everyone should follow Gabe on social media. He’s a great guy and faithful leader.

Does anything tend to take away your sense of security or cause you to worry? When it comes to spiritual matters, have you ever doubted God or wondered about not getting into heaven? The best news ever is that our salvation is completely in God’s hands, not ours.

The big picture of “God’s sovereignty” is that God is totally in control. For real.

We read through Galatians 3:2-14 together to provide additional encouragement for listeners. Our security in God’s sovereignty is still through faith. God’s promise to Abraham reaches Gentile believers who “receive the promised Spirit through faith” (v. 14).

When you heard the good news of Jesus Christ and believed in him, you received the Holy Spirit. We don’t earn the Spirit by obeying a law, but receive the Spirit through faith as a gift from God.

It’s by grace you have been saved through faith, and it’s by grace you will stay saved through faith.

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